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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 6, 2011 — 2 Comments

Remember when I said that I thought my middle hydrangea had died a tragic, wintry death? I was actually pretty thrilled with my 66% hydrangea success rate, but one day I was checking out the two surviving hydrangeas and spotted this:

Are those little baby hydrangea leaves that I see???

I guess I killed the body of the plant but not the roots! I decided to dig ‘er up for some much-needed TLC. I put her in the ceramic planter I got at a recent estate sale and trimmed off all the dead branches. I loved the way it looked and started feeling really inspired to add more plants to this spot on the porch, so I went inside and got two pretty white bowls that are rarely used, then went to Whole Foods and picked up some herbs for $2.50 each.

My little hydrangea is growing like a weed! In the larger white bowl I have two trailing rosemary plants, and in the smaller one I’ve got some fennel. I got these bowls at Bed Bath & Beyond for like $5 last year because they were missing a third to complete the set. I love love love having them out here where I can see them every day, rather than waiting in a cabinet for the rare occassion I need a large-ish bowl for serving.

I really like growing herbs because they’re inexpensive and pretty forgiving of whatever chaotic watering situations I force upon them. Inside I’ve got oregano, thyme, chamomile, and some more rosemary. I don’t do my grocery shopping at Whole Foods, but I do usually go there for my herbs because they’ve got a nice, inexpensive selection right in front of the store and usually some little pots nearby for a few dollars. Sometimes if I’m having a bad day I’ll go to Whole Foods and get a new herb. It’s cheaper than a new outfit, healthier than a box of chocolates, and generally lasts longer than any ill-advised purchases I may make in the spirit of self-comfort.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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