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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  May 20, 2011 — 4 Comments

My mind seems to be swimming lately with project ideas faster than I can finance or execute them. Here’s what I’ve been dreaming of lately:

  • A rain barrel made from a heavy-duty trashcan, with guppies or minnows living inside to eat mosquito larvae
  • Something using Lindsay’s fabric knotting technique (maybe a pillow or quilted throw blanket?)
  • A throw pillow adorned with a giant fabric flower made using Emily’s technique
  • A throw blanket for our living room
  • A throw pillow with a painted bunny silhouette, to remember Harold by
  • A chalkboard message area on the side of my bedroom armoire, so I can leave myself inspirational messages that I’ll see first thing in the morning
  • A square-foot vegetable garden
  • A flower cutting garden
  • DIY wire baskets made from hardware cloth
  • A custom shelving system above our washer and dryer
  • Paint the laundry room a vibrant, refreshing blue
  • Paint the kitchen creamy off-white or gray
  • Upper cabinets on the range side of our kitchen
  • A throw pillow painted with a blue chevron pattern
  • Paint the porch floor a moody gray tone
  • Get big burlap bags to store things like potting soil and compost attractively, stencil on labels to identify contents
  • Build a simple potting bench
  • Homemade citronella candles in mason jars
  • A window box, a very tiny tree, and a bunch of aspidistra in our front garden bed
  • Grow moss on a cinderblock and use it as a planter

And that’s just the interesting/reasonable stuff. I’ve got all kinds of ideas for mini remodels and not-so-mini remodels and buying all sorts of things I’ve been thinking of for months (a mantle for the living room, an upholstered storage bench, adirondack chairs, a pedestal coffee table, and a ridiculous variety of plants). This is one of those times that I’m glad Nick enforces a pretty strict monthly decorating and home improvement budget, because my hopes and dreams definitely need a little reigning in right now. I’ve already busted my budget for May so I’ll keep pottling along doing what I can with what I already have on hand, then come June 1 I’ll be figuring out what’s important enough to get financed next. And by the time July rolls around, I’m sure I’ll have a whole new crop of dreams vying for my affection.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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