DIY Burlap Table Runner

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  June 29, 2011 — 6 Comments

I was just all over the dining room this weekend. I dusted everywhere (no small feat in this room full of whatnots), washed the sofa slipcover, and switched out the old, faded, and shrunken tablecloth for a cool burlap runner.

I got some burlap at Hobby Lobby for $4/yard (plus a 40% off coupon). The color was “oyster” and I only needed about two and a half yards for this project. Once I got it home I soaked it in some warm, soapy water to soften it up a bit and then laid it out on the back deck to dry (so it wouldn’t get all fray-ified in the washer and dryer). A freak rainshower came through while it was out there, but when it was finally dry I brought it in and cut it to length and then in half lengthwise. I used my sewing machine to run a big ol’ zigzag stitch across the width about four inches from each end, then folded in the sides about half an inch and stitched a simple hem along each side. The reason for the zigzag stitch on each end was so I could do this:

I strategically unraveled the ends to create a fringed edge. The zigzag stitch makes sure that it doesn’t get frayed any further than I want it to. I pulled out the horizontal fibers one at a time until I got to my line of stitching. I found it easiest to work in short sections, since burlap is really rough and it can be challenging to pull out a 20″ fiber without things getting a little tangled.

With my sides hemmed and my frayed ends protected by a hefty zigzag stitch, I popped this baby in the dryer for a serious de-lint-ification, then spread it out on my dining room table. It’s now soft(ish) and 100% fuzz-free.

I really love the texture that it adds, and the fact that the color relates back to the dropcloth sofa across the room is a nice touch.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


6 responses to DIY Burlap Table Runner

  1. Janet (Country Mouse} June 29, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Love it!!! I made burlap curtains once. (I had a bed frame made from fence posts…Burlap or gingham seemed to be my only choices.) Here is a hint..burlap does not do well in the washer and the dryer will destroy it. To clean my drapes, I would put the dry curtains in the dryer along with a clean, wet towel. I would run it about ten minutes. The curtains would come out clean and the towel dirty. The dust and dirt would all stick to the towel.

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