Yarn Pom Pom Flowers

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  July 12, 2011 — 6 Comments

Remember this cute little ceramic vase I got for $5 and put on my laundry room shelves?

It probably would’ve been adorable with a little plant, but my gardening luck has been really terrible lately so I decided to give myself a break and make something to stick in it instead. Check it out.

The flowers are made from yarn and shish kabob skewer sticks. I started by unraveling a never-finished knitting project to harvest the orangey-yellow yarn. I wrapped the yarn around my fingers a bunch of times, then cut the end.

I also cut a short piece of yarn for the next step. I shimmed the yarn off my fingers, pinched the middle, and used my short piece of yarn to tie a tight double knot. Feline assistance is optional here.

Next, I used a pair of scissors to snip through the loops on each side and fluffed the whole thing out to reveal my sweet little pom.

Since this yarn has already been knitted it has a curly texture that I think works really nicely here. I made six flowers total, changing up the size a little bit here and there to keep things interesting. Wrapping the yarn around three fingers near the tips made a pretty small flower, while wrapping it around my palm made a larger one. I think it’s probably a good idea to give the yarn a few extra wraps for the larger flowers so they’ll be nice and full.

Next up, I took some skewers left over from making fruit shish kabobs for the 4th of July and used each of them as a flower stem by dabbing craft glue onto the pointy end and jabbing it into the pom.

I repeated the process for each flower and then set my attentions to readying the vase. I needed something to help the flowers stick up straight. I was hoping to find some styrofoam around the house that I could cut to size, but no luck. Just when I was considering running to Hobby Lobby for some floral foam, I found this little box that was almost exactly the same size as my vase.

I stuffed it down in there and used a screwdriver to punch a grid of holes in the top. It’s a really snug fit and it’ll take a good bit of work if I ever want to get that box out of there.

With my “flowers” and my vase both ready, I started putting it all together. I used a pair of wire snips to trim down the skewers a little bit at a time. In retrospect, protective eyewear may have been smart here. Those little pieces of wood went flying with every snip. Fortunately, my animal assistants and I came out of it unscathed.

I was pretty conservative in my snipping, as it’s a lot easier to make it shorter than to make it longer. I cut the stems to varying lengths and played around with the arrangement until I thought it looked pretty good, then used glue and toothpicks to make things stand up how I wanted them to instead of just flopping around willy-nilly.

I went looking through my craft stash and found some moss I’d bought at Hobby Lobby for a Christmas project. I stuffed it into the top of the vase to hide the ugly cardboard and toothpicks.

And here it is living it up in the laundry room! I love the happy vibe it adds. The fact that it’s so obviously not even trying to look like real flowers helps tone down the potential tackiness factor of other alternatives to an actual living plant.

I think they’re positively delightful, and I love that they’ll pretty much look cute anywhere I put them. I had everything on hand for this project and spent zero dollars. This really took very little yarn, so if you knit or crochet and have a small amount leftover from another project this would be a great use for it. If you’re not the kind of person who hoards yarn, consider unraveling an old hat, scarf, or sweater that you don’t wear anymore, or even scan the racks at Goodwill for a knitted garment in a pretty color. The fact that this yarn was all kinked up from being knitted already really helped give the poms a pretty texture. Another idea if you’re not into flowers: make a bunch of pom poms and thread them onto string for a pretty Christmas garland, or attach one to the end of a stretchy string for a cool DIY cat toy. Any other ideas for using these nifty little balls of happiness? I kind of want to make a billion pom poms right now.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


6 responses to Yarn Pom Pom Flowers

  1. Soo cute!!!

  2. Seriously, the nosy cat is one of the best parts of the blog… you need more pictures of animals supervising your work!

    • Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap July 12, 2011 at 10:44 am

      hahahahaha, thanks, Alex. I’ll tell Pistachio you said so. She’s the nosiest and always wants to be all up in my business. Sheila watches at a distance and Juliet wants to be in my lap at all times.

  3. Oh wow, those are adorable. You did such a great job…I may have to try it myself!

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