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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  July 20, 2011 — 9 Comments

Remember my burning desire for a new quilt? Well, I put Etsy’s search function to work, narrowing it down to vintage quilts under $50, and found this lovely lady (from etsy seller estatehound):

Sold. Can you believe that price? Even after shipping it was under $30. That’s way cheaper than even what I could have made myself. And yesterday, it arrived.

It’s exactly what I wanted. The colors are lovely, it’s a perfect fit for the couch, and it’s definitely not too precious to get clawed up or covered in cat hair. I knew that if I spent a lot of time quilting something myself I’d freak out the first time it got a rip or tear, but this one’s already sporting an authentic lived-in look in several areas.

Nick’s comment was, “It looks like it’s been here a while,” which I took as a compliment. One of my goals in decorating is to create a layered look that feels like it’s been put together over time (as opposed to ordered all at once with a few clicks). This blanket, so soft and worn, brings a fun, slightly kitschy vibe to my classic sofa. It looks like something I inherited, only I didn’t. I love to think about where it might have come from, who made it and why, and what memories it might hold for someone who recognized it.

I also love that it’s narrow enough to drape over the back of the sofa without folding in half, making the view especially nice from the back of the room and ensuring that even the most rambunctious of kitties won’t move it around too much (the old quilt seemed like it was constantly falling down).

Sheila’s a fan. I hope that this quilt gets to live a long and fulfilling second life with us. This isn’t the first time I’ve found exactly what I was looking for on Etsy. I got a small vintage tablecloth and a Degas print before I started blogging, and just in the past few months have gotten my peacock print and mother of pearl buttons. Shopping on Etsy is like heading out to a giant, well-priced arts and antiques market combined with the power of the internet to search and pinpoint exactly what you want. I may have been able to snag this quilt for less than $30 if I spotted it at a yard or estate sale, but it would have taken who knows how long for me to find it on my own. Etsy allows me to search through what all these wonderful small business owners have already found. Etsy is an amazing resource for decorating a space inexpensively, so if you’re looking for handmade or vintage items to add a little character to your space without dropping a bunch of cash you should definitely check it out.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


9 responses to Vintage Quilt

  1. Oooohhh! I LOVE that quilt, and you seriously got it at a steal! Fortunately, my great grandmother made quilts so I’ve got a few, and there is just something so ‘homey’ about quilts. They make a house really feel like a home. Charlotte, I think we were twins in another lifetime!

  2. Oh my gosh, it is perfect! I totally agree, the kitschy vibe of the quilt is to die for.

  3. I love it! What a great find!

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