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I’ve got an Ikea shopping trip in my future and I’m muy excited! It’s a wonderful, wonderful place full of home decor deals and swedish meatballs. Here are the six departments I’ll be lingering in…

1. Frames. My favorite. Those Ribba frames are just perfect. I always pick up several 5×7′s and 8×10′s so I can frame most anything that comes my way.

2. Textiles. Ikea has some great prices on really cute rugs, bedlinens, curtains, and fabric by the yard.

3. Eating and drinking. Ikea’s glassware, serving dishes, plates, and table linens are all adorable + inexpensive. I love to stock up on is these little cocktail napkins for $2/pack. But it looks like my favorite color, green, might not be available right now.

4. Flowerpots. So cheap, so simple and pretty.

5. Small storage. You can never have too many baskets, bins, and boxes. I use them to control the chaos all over my house. Ikea has lots of little doohickies to organize your stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap.

6. Furniture. If you’re looking to make a bigger purchase, their furniture prices can’t be beat. The desk I’m sitting at this very moment is a Melltorp long and narrow dining table I got for about $60, and my real dining table hails from Ikea as well (the Bjursta). And although I don’t have the pleasure of owning either, word on the street is that Expedit and Billy bookcases are no less than delightful. The sofas are inexpensive and pretty, with lots of options to choose from, and ever since I found out that the sofa I was coveting for my new family room is actually way more expensive than I thought (I was looking at the wrong numbers when I calculated the price), I’ve been considering the Ektorp corner sofa.

On the way to the beach last weekend I asked Cassie what color she thought I should paint my new coffee table. She said mustard, and I was delighted at the thought, especially when she pointed out that it would complement the blue dresser nicely.

The next day I picked up this book in an antiques shop and I was convinced that mustard was the way to go.


Look at how lovely that blue and yellow combo is! Here’s some more mustardy inspiration via pinterest:

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Maybe mustard is the new blue for this girl. Yesterday I took my book about Jackie O with me to work and stopped in at Lowe’s between sessions to get it color matched to a quart of flat paint. And just in case the mustard flops, my backup plan is to paint charcoal gray over it, distressing the edges to let the yellow show through. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll love that mustardy goodness just the way it is.

Some inherited furniture is awesome.

Some is less obviously so.

I inherited these end tables from the same grandparents’ that the bedroom set belonged to. They were in storage when Katrina hit and lucky to have missed the water by a few inches. Even though they’re not really my style, especially the first one, I’m at a loss for what to do. I’m hesitant to paint, although not completely opposed to it. In all likelihood these tables will probably stay where they are for now and I’ll hold off on making any changes. After I reupholster those wing chairs in gray canvas maybe the table won’t bother me so much?

I think when you’ve got a piece like this–one with sentimental value that doesn’t quite float your boat aesthetically– it’s best to live with it as is for as long as you can possibly stand it. Better to wait until you feel confident than make a change and regret it, right?

While we were in Florida this weekend we escaped from the sun one afternoon to do a little shopping. We visited Marilyn & Co Antiques and the Fort Walton Beach Flea Market, both surrounded by tons of antiques shops in downtown Fort Walton Beach. Since I was’t home this weekend to do any DIY projects to tell you about, I thought I’d bring my camera along to show you what caught my eye.

This little table was full of vintage costume jewelry for $5 each.

I tried really hard to convince myself that I needed this perfect little footstool for only $15, but I just couldn’t think of a place for it. My pouf pretty much has a monopoly on foot resting.

I actually have a silver champagne bucket like this that I use as a container for a rosemary plant. It looks really cool with the rosemary growing every which way out of the top. I got mine at Goodwill for $20, but these were $80 each.

This is exactly how I would display these skeleton keys–hanging on a wall like they own the place. These were $8 and there was a whole bucket of smaller keys for $5 each below.

Were you one of those people hoarding beanie babies in the 90′s thinking they’d be collector’s items someday? I believe someday has come and they’re now worth $3 each. I totally had several of them myself and insisted my mother display them in her curio cabinet.

This vintage typewriter would make a cool conversation piece, especially if you’re hip like that. This one was $35. Pottery Barn asks $350 each for old typewriters they supposedly found in Europe, so if you’re trying to get the look you might check out some antique malls first.

As a former bunny owner, I want to know why people try to make bunnies so creepy. This is just weird.

I was really tempted to snag one of these nutcrackers for $5. I have a nutcracker that I got at Goodwill last year, but he’s kind of creepy and cheap looking. I kind of regret not getting one of these, actually. None of them were creepy at all.

This chair was only $30 and would look really pretty painted a bold color. I love the clean lines of it.

I was kind of obsessed with this trunk and couldn’t believe it was only $10. Wouldn’t it be great as a coffee table paired with a low sofa?

I love the idea of adding vintage books to a kids’ library. Nancy Drew was one of my favorites growing up–maybe that’s where my obsession with crime TV started?

I’m also kind of kicking myself for not buying this classic desk lamp for only $20. It would look so perfect sitting next to me right now.

Isn’t that botanical print up top lovely? It was too high up for little ol’ me to spot the price.

If you think there’s no way on earth I would have been tempted to buy this book, you would be wrong. I was very tempted.

My favorite thing of the day. “Coyote Ugly. Don’t be hatin cuz I have issues.” $45

My granny chic little heart pined for these lamps. They were $40 and would look so great in my guest bedroom.

A city skyline made of dominoes. This would be kind of cool in a game room. They were asking $24 but it would be easy to DIY for less.

So what did we get?

Cassie snagged this adorbs J.Crew necklace for only $8.

And I got this necklace and pair of earrings for $5 each.

This giant key was $8 and is helping kick off the collection of items to hang on my bathroom wall.

This little silver bowl was only $3.

And this biography of Jackie O. was $5. That lady led a fascinating life! I got halfway through her life on the drive home from Florida. I’m determined to take the time to sit down and finish it now that I’m home.

Last but not least, this awesome compote was only $10. I love that from below the design sort of mimics an artichoke. It looks really nice at the top of the leaning shelf in my dining room.

I was really impressed with both of the shops that we visited and kind of wish that we had blocked out a whole day to do more shopping in the area, but alas, the ocean was calling and it was time to go enjoy sunset on the beach one last time before heading home. If you’re ever in the Florida panhandle, check out the antiques shops in Fort Walton Beach. I love the things that I bought and for less than $40 I have several beautiful reminders of our trip.