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As I continue soldiering away at reupholstering the wing chairs, my eye keeps drifting to the far side of the room…

Doesn’t that little end table and chair in the corner seem useless? Lately I’ve been feeling like that side of the room is too much stuff, not enough function. Plus I spraypainted the nightstand-turned-end-table ages ago before I realized how terrible I am at spraypainting and the purple paint is starting to peel. I’ve been dreaming of maybe bringing in a petite little loveseat to add some extra seating. I found this one yesterday and I’m kind of obsessed. I love the lines, the color, and the tufting, but the price is what really amazes me. Only $239!

Home Decorators

At only 50″ wide, it’s sized just right for the space. I also love that it’s about the same height as my sofa, and has exposed legs like my sofa, but is way different in shape. I feel like maybe the two can relate to one another without clashing. It’s like they’ve each got their own separate personality, but some things in common as well. A solid basis for a fruitful relationship.

I’m not positive how deep it is, but I think around 30″. Maybe I’ll place a narrow console behind it to push it further into the seating area and provide some space for display? I saw the most adorable little vintage console in a pile of furniture at someone’s house yesterday and totally wanted to ask if I could buy it, but I didn’t. I did snap a picture on my phone when no one was looking so that I could remember my little lovie when I’m out thrifting or trolling craigslist for something similar.

I don’t have the funds to drop $300 (after shipping) right now, plus I like to sit on major purchases or projects for a while to make sure it’s what I really want, but if I’m still thinking of this little sofa come October she may be coming to live with me. I can’t imagine ever getting over this perfect little beauty, but stranger things have happened.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Ahh! I saw that on pinterest and I love it! It looks so quaint and chic. You know, Christmas IS coming up! ;) Treat yourself!

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