Wild and Crazy Pleated Ribbon

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  September 12, 2011 — 7 Comments

As the wing chair saga continues, I find myself looking for quick and easy projects I can complete between reupholstery sessions. You know, to remind myself that some projects can actually be completed in fewer than 4, 736 hours.

I picked up three rolls of this yellow ribbon on sale at Hobby Lobby a while ago. It spoke to me. It told me it needed to be ruffled. But I said, “Ribbon, you are too narrow to be ruffled. There will be nothing left of your midsection. What you need is to be pleated.” The ribbon noted my impressive textile makeover skilz.

After hours of painstakingly creating piping for the wing chairs this weekend, I needed a project that called for reckless abandon. And I remembered the ribbon still awaiting its makeover. The time had come.

This was so easy because it’s so imprecise. It took me less than thirty minutes to sew pleats into about 21 yards of ribbon. What I did was just turn under the end, sew, and then continue to fold the ribbon under itself as I ran it through my sewing machine.

Every now and then I would change the direction of my fold, just for fun. But then I’d change it back because it was much easier to fold the fabric away from me than toward me. I was really casual about the size of the folds. Things got a little wonky on one occasion and my ribbon was getting folded every which way as it passed under the needle, but I just figured it would add interest. I didn’t even use matching thread. Totally living on the edge here. Here’s what I ended up with:

Isn’t it cool? My plan is to use it to embellish the shower curtain in my downstairs bath.

I really want to have three horizontal stripes of pleated ribbon near the bottom, but I’m having some trouble figuring out exactly how to place/space them. I feel like maybe there are some design guidelines for the placement of stripes that I just don’t know about? I’m nervous about putting them too high or too close together or something like that and having it look weird. Any thoughts, my friends?

P.S. I saw a friend yesterday who works at a fancy restaurant in New Orleans and gave me a huuuuge paper bag of wine corks she’s been saving for me! Now I can finally get started on that bathmat I mentioned two months ago!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


7 responses to Wild and Crazy Pleated Ribbon

  1. I love how that ribbon turned out. I’ve got TONS of leftover ribbon I need to put to good use. I love the idea of adding it to the bottom of your shower curtain. Maybe you could find something on pinterest to use as a design guideline?

  2. For the shower curtain, I’d say try it out with colored paper first. Just use a little double-stick tape on the back of some sections of construction paper and just move them around, and back up to look at them. (That curtain looks really tall. You might want to do thicker ribbons at the bottom and get smaller as you go up.)

    Also, look at some of the “hotel” style shower curtains and see how they do it. Those generally have some kind of base striping.

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