Side Table Switcheroo

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  October 19, 2011 — 1 Comment

This little side table is one of the first pieces of furniture I ever painted on my own. I’d been reading blogs and everyone was talking about how great spray paint was, so I decided to give it a try on this nightstand and a matching dresser. It was terrible. It took five billion cans of spray paint and looked like crap. Two years later, the wretched uneven paint is finally just flaking off.

It’s time for this thing to go. I took stock of what was hanging out in those drawers before I decided for sure to give up that storage space. Turns out there was nothing that couldn’t be tossed or moved over to my new fabric covered boxes.

I went shopping around the house and decided to steal one of the nightstands from our guest bedroom (purchased for about $10 at Goodwill several months ago). I also pulled the chair out of the corner and a little bit further into the room.

That little basket is also from Goodwill and is perfectly sized to be a little “drawer.”

This whole switch was sort of inspired by a chair I’d seen at an estate sale. It was the cutest little caned armchair and was marked $30, discounted by 25% because it was the second day of the sale. I wasn’t completely sure about it, so I decided to come back the next day when everything would be 50% off and if it was still there I would buy it for $15. Well, I went home and started tinkering with this arrangement, then promptly fell in love with the idea of having that little chair in my living room, right on the other side of this end table.

Look how perfect it would have been! But alas, by the time I made it back on Sunday it was sold. Lesson learned. I wanted it, and I should have bought it instead of being so cheap. Total bummer.

The upside is that I never would have thought to put another small chair in here if I hadn’t seen that one at the estate sale. Now I know to be on the lookout for something similar. Maybe the thrifting gods will smile on me and I’ll find something even better…or maybe I’ll fall victim to the rule that as soon as you start looking for something specific you won’t find it anywhere.

P.S. The house that we went to for the estate sale was AMAZING. And it’s for sale! If only I had half a million dollars. I wish that there were pictures available online, but if you’re a total real estate weirdo like me you can see the location and description here.¬†

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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