In the Navy

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  November 11, 2011 — 8 Comments

Do you read a lot of house blogs? I do. Every now and then I pop over to visit Edie, who had a horrible house fire last winter. She just moved into her new house and it. is. gorgeous.


I’m so inspired by her use of navy. It makes me want to paint something, anything, a dark, inky blue. Then I would step back and feel so sophisticated, so worldly. Navy is a color for grownups, and I wanna be a grownup.





What do you think? Does navy blue still scream 1980′s shoulder pads to you? I think I’m ready to embrace it in small doses. Nothing too crazy lest my house start looking like it belongs to an actual grownup. Can’t let that happen. Gotta keep things light around here.

I’m looking forward to a weekend spent at home relaxing. Maybe I’ll even get a thing or two done. I can’t bear to think about some of the projects that have been sitting unfinished for weeks, but a fun little craft project or two wouldn’t kill me. And my kitchen sure could use a good scrubbing. I’ll let you know how it goes. Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

p.s. I just realized I made a pun about the military on Veterans’ Day. How timely of me!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


8 responses to In the Navy

  1. Love the navy! I especially love the navy painted furniture. Do you have dressers or desks needing a paint job?

  2. I love Navy. Much more so than lighter shades of blue. I don’t think of it as a “grown up” color at all. Think sailor suits on little boys. I do think that it’s more of a timeless shade that will always be current (and not need updating) as opposed to medium shades that tend to be more trendy: turquoise, periwinkle, etc.

  3. Janet (Country Mouse} November 12, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    I love Navy, but can only use it on hard surfaces. I have two yellow Labs and a calico cat who is mostly white. I spend so much time “de-fuzzing” my life as it is, I couldn’t deal with dark fabric anyway. Oh well, the critters look good sleeping on the rug. LOL

  4. I am all about navy. I think it’s so classic and not old at all!

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