Four Months Pregnant

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  January 23, 2012 — 5 Comments

#@$# &#^% I’m huge!

I guess it’s mostly thanks to my 5′ stature that I started sporting a noticeable bump before I was even ready for the world to know, but I somehow assumed that showing early would not equal showing more and more as my pregnancy progressed. I keep feeling like my belly looks more “has been eating too many cheeseburgers,” and less, “growing a real life baby,” but this photographic evidence of how big and round it really is leaves me speechless. No wonder nothing fits. If I’m this big now, will I even be able to roll out of bed come summertime?

My mom has gotten a real big kick out of exclaiming gleefully, “Maybe it’s twins!” I rank twins up there with terrorist attacks on my scale of scary things, so I was relieved to see only one perfect little baby at our first ultrasound two weeks ago.

We’ll be going back around Valentine’s Day for another ultrasound and that’s when we’ll find out the sex. I’ve been feeling like it’s a boy lately, although I desperately want a little girl to dress up and share all my womanly wisdom with (I’m very wise about girl stuff, not so much about boy stuff, but maybe more of it is transferable than I think).

In actual blog-related news, I’ve got my groove back (mostly). I’m feeling much more like my old self and my weekends have gotten significantly more productive. Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in actual juicy content here on the blog? For a few rough months there I thought I was doing great just to maintain a minimum level of cleanliness around the house, show up to work every day, and churn out five blog posts per week. But in the past few weeks Nick and I have replaced a light fixture, painted the office, DIY’d a window shade, and restocked the etsy shop (as well as making some tweaks behind the scenes over there). And that’s just the stuff I’ve posted about! There are some little projects and purchases I’ve yet to share with you. So maybe I’m not whipping up my own rug from supplies found in the paint aisle or refreshing an entire space in one weekend (like I did with the porch and the laundry room), but I’m feeling pretty good about my new normal. I imagine this pace will also be much more sustainable with a little one around than my old one was. Also, although this may not be of much comfort to anyone who’s bitter about the decreased pace of projects here on the blog, I am majorly proud of my etsy shop. The sales keep rolling in and I am feeling great! My mailman delivered a bunch of boxes I ordered from the post office on Saturday and I proclaimed proudly to him, “I started a business!” I’m sure he had an inkling something was up since I’ve scheduled carrier pickups online several times now, but he is just the nicest guy and has been our mailman since before we even bought this house so I was excited to tell him. He was walking his route the day we moved from our old rental house around the corner to this one and still remembers nearly two years later to redirect the occasional card or letter addressed to us at our old place. When I went through my container-gardening phase last spring he took notice and offered me some cuttings from his aloe plant at home. It remains one of very few plants I’ve managed not to kill and has come in handy several times in the kitchen.

I’ve been rambling today. In summary:

  • I’m four months pregnant and shocked by the size of my belly
  • There’s only one in there!
  • I’ve been much more productive lately
  • I’m majorly patting myself on the back for my success so far in my etsy shop
  • my mailman is awesome

I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday, that your weekend was refreshing, and that you will not decide that my blog has become too boring and never come back.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


5 responses to Four Months Pregnant

  1. Cute picture! What do you use your aloe plant for?

    • Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap January 23, 2012 at 2:59 pm

      Burns. Nick burns himself on the oven like once a week. You break off a piece of the aloe and squeeze out the liquid onto the burn.

  2. Congratulations on your baby!!! I am currently almost 39 weeks pregnant with my first child so I cannot wait to read more of your updates! Are you going to find out babys sex?

    • Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap January 25, 2012 at 2:25 pm

      Thanks, Katie! Oh my gosh, your little one is almost here! We definitely plan on finding out the sex. I don’t think I could bear the suspense any longer than I have to!

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