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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  March 1, 2012 — 5 Comments

Behold, my latest Etsy purchase.

Come July it’ll be pressed into service as a diaper bag, but for now it goes to work with me every day.

‘Stash is a fan. I’ve been using it for work for a few days now and it. is. awesome. I figured carrying it to work every day would be a good way to test out its practicality as a diaper bag, especially since I don’t have a typical office job. I am in and out of my car and various buildings all day, all with this bag in tow. The pockets do a much better job of helping me keep organized than the seen-better-days basic canvas tote I’ve been using for the past year or two. Even the inside zipper pocket is big enough to hold the workbooks I use with clients. Once baby arrives those outside pockets can be used to keep diapers and wipes in easy reach. The wipeable surface (inside and out) doesn’t hurt either. Plus it’s not so big that it’s awkward for little ‘ol me to carry or so girly that Nick would be embarrassed to haul it around. Of course it lacks the various bells and whistles typically found in bags meant specifically for babies (insulated bottle pockets, anyone?). But what it lacks in specific features it makes up for in versatility. And someday, after the days of diapers have passed, it can be pressed into service again as a work tote or overnight bag. I wish I had thought to look for something like this when I was in grad school. Even after shipping it was under $40, making it cheaper than anything of comparable size and quality that I could track down in a retail store.

My whole strategy with prepping for motherhood is to try to stick with things that I would like even if there wasn’t a baby in my belly–hence my insistence on wearing skinny jeans. This bag is totally something that I would have loved for a work or laptop bag even a year ago when there was no baby on the horizon. Nursery decor will go the same way. There will be no theme, no characters. Just the same eclectic and practical style I use throughout my house made a little more kid-friendly by brighter colors and boyish touches. I think it’s important for me to retain some of my own identity instead of being taken over by everything baby.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


5 responses to Bag It Up

  1. Great idea. I love the bag! I have a similar one that I won in a drawing at Staples several years ago. I used it for everything. It was a bookbag, overnight bag, sewing, knitting, anything. I even used it to haul some fishing gear. The poor thing finally gave up, but there is a pre-school class that likes to drag it around full of legos or blocks.

  2. Can I tell you how much I love that bag!?!? And your motto of keeping everything your style. That’s exactly how I am. We didn’t do themes or characters, and my diaper bag looked much like a purse too. I found maternity skinny jeans and popped back in to mine as soon as I could. I think its so important to maintain your own identity even after baby comes!

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