Add This to the List of Projects I’ll Get to “Someday”

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  March 15, 2012 — 4 Comments

This corner in the front room is pretty much the last bastion of clutter in my house. Like nearly every other room in the place, this room lacks a closet, so this out-of-the-way corner tends to amass all the random crap I need a place for in the office.

I’ve been thinking about craigslisting a bookcase, hutch, china cabinet, armoire, etc…something relatively inexpensive to maximize vertical storage on that wall. But then the other day I saw this project on another blog. She used inexpensive Ikea Billy bookcases and some standard trim to create a whole wall of built-ins for under $400.

pssss…if you want to pin either of these images please do so from the original post over at Centsational Girl

I took a gander at the Ikea website, broke out my tape measure, and realized that two of these $5o bookcases would fit perfectly in that space (and like Centsational Girl I’d just use a box cutter to notch out an opening for the light switch in the back).


And this $20 height extension would take it right up to the bottom of that weird part where the wall juts out below the ceiling (oh the joys of living in an old house–when central air was added the ducts had to go somewhere).


This is one of those things I’ll dream about for a while and may or may not ever actually make a reality. And I gotta admit, there are some advantages to the idea of just throwing a thrifted piece of furniture over there–it’s easy, inexpensive, and could maybe even incorporate some (gasp) concealed storage. OMG a cabinet with DOORS would be amazing. But I’m going to keep the possibility of creating built ins for under $200 in my pocket in case I’m still storage-less next time I get the itch for a big project.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to Add This to the List of Projects I’ll Get to “Someday”

  1. So I’ve made a decision. Since jack is due right around stephen’s birthday, and he FINALLY has his own room, I’ve decided that by the time jack gets here or Stephen turns 1, I will finish designing/decorating stephen’s room.
    That’s right. I’m announcing it in a public forum so I will be thoroughly embarrassed if I fail. :)

  2. I like the look of the Ikea bookshelves, but I like the idea of finding something at a thrift shop. I was thinking that with a soon to be little guy toddling around, something with doors might be nice so he can’t get into things as easily while Mommy and Daddy are busy.
    By the way, some time ask your Grandmother if she remembers the Christmas that your uncle Michael got a little tool chest and used his saw to remove the knobs on the dressers while all of the family was partying downstairs. LOL If she doesn’t remember, I do.

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