How to Paint a Room Without Lifting a Finger

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

While I wasn’t able to do much besides sit around and look pregnant this weekend, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to have an expert cutter-inner help me knock out the nursery. My friend Lauren was here from Atlanta and had offered months ago to tape while I rolled during her next visit. When the doc ordered me to rest, I was pretty annoyed. I had plans! Then I remembered that I also have a husband. So I sat in a chair providing moral support while she did the edges and he painted the middles. I’m such a lucky gal to have so many people willing to help me out!

I don’t have many before pictures of this room because it’s always been a bit of a hot mess. Here’s one I dug up from back when I used it as an office. The creamy yellow color on the walls was here when we bought the place. I’m pretty sure it’s a common neutral used in older homes, as our rental house had it in the living room and I’ve noted its presence in several other houses in our neighborhood. Notice that canvas hung above the desk? That’s the same one I painted over to make the You Are My Sunshine sign for this room’s second life as a nursery (I originally purchased it as a blank canvas for half off at Hobby Lobby and painted it up for some DIY abstract art).

The room still has a long way to go, but the yellow is gone! And I think a tour is in order. This is what you see straight ahead when you stand in the doorway. An off-center window and a door to the bathroom (the downstairs bath has two entrances–one from this room and one from the guest room).

Turn your head to the right and you see this wall, which is where the desk used to be. See that painter’s tape on the floor? I’ve been using it to mark out possible crib locations. I originally was going to have it centered on this wall but I’m thinking of moving it to the wall just to the right of the door instead.

To your left when you walk in is this wall with an old coal-burning fireplace and a small closet. The brick around the fireplace is still painted the same yellow as the walls, but I’m planning to hit it with a few coats of white semi-gloss (just like I did in the front room).

The closet is modestly sized, but in a house this old any closet is a thing of beauty. The cabinet on top is about twice as deep, making me wonder what’s behind that closet wall. You can see it’s just got some random crap stored in there for now, but I plan to clean it out and make some tweaks to get the most out of the space.

Do you remember me mentioning in a previous post that the light switch is really inconveniently located behind the door? This is what I mean. I plan to use the switch as rarely as possible.

The new color on the walls is Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray (color matched to Olympic Premium no-VOC paint in a satin finish), and it’s exactly what I envisioned. I wanted something very neutral and soothing that would also reflect a lot of light, and this did the trick. I also love love love how it looks against the white trim. It’s hard to capture it perfectly on camera, especially with no curtains to filter the light streaming in from those windows, but I think the last picture of that little nook behind the door is most accurate. It feels so good to have it painted! Getting a color of my own choosing on the walls really goes a long way toward making it feel like a part of our home, rather than the random pass-through/dumping ground it’s pretty much been for the last two years. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the room comes together!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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