Big Changes Behind the Scenes

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 16, 2012 — 15 Comments

If you’re visiting my site to read today’s post (as opposed to reading it in your inbox or via a feed reader), you’ve probably already noticed that things are looking pretty different around here! I spent this weekend moving my blog from the free platform to a self-hosted setup. I’ve been thinking about moving for a while, but after uploading nearly 2,000 pictures I finally reached the limit of WordPress’s free image hosting last week and that was the kick in the pants I needed!

It was a lot of work and way more technical than I expected, but thankfully the folks at my new hosting service (HostGator) were really helpful in getting me set up. I lost the look of the old blog when I moved, so I took the opportunity to give the whole thing a makeover using a pre-designed layout (Standard Theme), then teaching myself little bits and pieces of CSS to customize the appearance. If you think you have a basic working knowledge of the internet nothing will change your mind faster than delving into the logistics of hosting a website. It was a very humbling experience, indeed!

Can you believe that this is what my blog looked like on Friday? This screenshot is from my iPhone so the proportions are a little different.

And here we are today!


I’m still trying to tweak some more things and I’m sure there are tons of kinks to be worked out (example: I’m not sure if my email subscribers will receive posts from the new blog, fingers crossed this post got sent out). If you notice something looking awry or loading super slow, will you please please please let me know? And by all means, if the tech-savvy among you have advice or tips to offer I would be oh so grateful!

I’m super excited about the possibilities moving forward, but please bear with me as I get settled in over here. Thank you so much for your patience! Y’all are always very supportive. I have the best readers ever.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


15 responses to Big Changes Behind the Scenes

  1. NWK (@MumsyNancy) April 17, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Yeah, all those women who glow during pregnancy and say they never felt better? Ugh, NOT my experience. But I did love the flutters and kicks…it’s the only good thing about pregnancy (besides the BIG PRIZE at the end.)

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better soon. You should probably know that the Holland side of the family is known for big babies. I know, now I tell you. I had two kids, the first was 9pounds 12 ounces, and the second was ten pounds 8 ounces. I only had two. Since they kept getting bigger, I really didn’t want a third. LOL Not really, I would have had more if I could.
    Don’t let this pregnancy discourage you if you want another child. Just like children, no two pregnancies are alike.
    My only problem with the new site is that it is tiny, tiny print and I can’t make it bigger like I usually can. It is probably error on my end so I will keep trying.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 18, 2012 at 8:06 am

      Oh noooooooooo I hope he’s not that big! WE definitely plan on having at least one more. We both had siblings growing up and wouldn’t trade them for the world, so I would hate to deprive Jack of such a special relationship.

      And good call on the small print! I’ve got pretty bad eyesight myself (worsened by pregnancy), so I thought it was just me. I’ll change it to a bigger font right away.

  3. It looks GREAT charlotte! i wish i had the motivation to change mine, too! a couple of things: 1. i’m in love with your house, 2. happy 7 months- i didn’t enjoy being pregnant either, 3. i can’t wait to see jack’s nursery!

  4. Oh no! I hope the plumber isn’t too bad. At times like these, I have a process that is the “illusion of clean” rather than the reality of clean. If a visitor won’t see it, don’t clean it. You have the excuse of a clogged sink and a baby in the making. I have even told one friend that it was ok if she wrote in my dust but don’t date it. I don’t want anyone to know how long it has been there. Not that I live in filth, just some things are more important.

  5. We have our living room walls painted Gray Mirage and LOVE the colour!
    It is warm on an overcast day and fresh on hot day.
    It is an easy colour to live with and we are glad we chose it.

  6. i am so pumped to see this thing completed. i’ve never tackled painting the insides of a dresser before, either. i can imagine it’s tedious, but i have a piece i’m waiting to refinish, and im pretty sure i’ll be doing the same thing. thanks for the steps!

  7. I miss those wine nights!!!

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