Seven Months Pregnant

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 16, 2012 — 8 Comments

Thank you all for your patience as I continue to tweak the new site. If you get my posts via email you likely didn’t get yesterday’s post–click here to read it!

OMG. I can’t believe I still have twelve weeks left to go. I think I’m going to die.

Now that I’m in the third trimester I oscillate between depressed and hopeful. I start thinking about the twelve interminably long weeks ahead full of discomfort and pain and feel so despondent. Then I remind myself that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that it’s so worth it and I start getting excited to finally not be pregnant anymore and meet my little man. It’s an emotional roller coaster, I tell you.

But seriously, how can I possibly get any bigger?

In other news, I haven’t fainted in almost three weeks! Maybe all that iron and protein they’ve got me on is helping. I sure wish there was a similarly simple solution for all this pain in my ribs.

I failed the one hour glucose test so I had to take the three hour yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, but it probably helped that they let me lay down in an exam room after I mentioned I was feeling a little lightheaded. Fingers crossed I don’t have diabetes!

Pregnancy has not been easy for me, but the end is in sight!

PS Please let me know if you’re experiencing any issues with the new site so I can get it fixed!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


8 responses to Seven Months Pregnant

  1. Ugh! When I felt light headed during the three hour test, they didn’t let me lay down. They just let me have a few sips of water. It may because I was hormonally raging at anyone in sight though…

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 18, 2012 at 7:59 am

      That’s terrible! I was able to drink all the water I wanted. I brought my own cup and refilled it like a bajillion times. I do always try to be extra sweet to the labs lady, though, since she’s armed with needles and all.

  2. You look beautiful! Yes you CAN definately get bigger! Now that all the groundwork is in place litte Jack wil start to grow and put on weight! You can do it! Just think what all this work is for. A beautiful, wonderful little miracle that is your son! Let me know how GTT goes. Glad that the fainting has abated. Love you!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 18, 2012 at 8:01 am

      Thank you! I do want him to be strong and healthy, I just feel like I’m about to bust! I haven’t heard back about the glucose test yet, fingers crossed!

  3. I enjoy seeing your updates. You look great! I do know how uncomfortable pregnancy can be, but you are doing a wonderful job of staying positive.


    Aunt Julie

  4. You look adorable. I commented on this earlier, but I think I forgot to hit submit. You really are looking great and you will soon realize that it was all worth it.

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