Jack’s Dresser Part 3: In the Navy

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 30, 2012 — 5 Comments

This weekend I finally got to tackle a project that’s been weeks in the making: slapping some glossy navy blue paint on the $25 dresser I picked up from Craigslist for Jack’s nursery. Armed with a quart of Olympic’s no-VOC semi-gloss in Victory Blue and a gallon of Olympic’s no-VOC primer (about $17 I think), I got to work. Originally my plan was to use primer only on the top, since that’s the only area where the old paint literally peeled off, but when I got started painting the smaller front pieces with a brush I realized quickly that perhaps primer all over would be a wise decision. In the photo below, you can see where I started painting without primer, then below where I gave it a coat of primer first to see if that would help.

The paint went on much more smoothly and actually stayed where I put it, instead of sliding all around on the glossy red surface. I did the whole front of the dresser with a brush, and it was not fun. I see now why folks who regularly use glossier finishes are always harping on about brush quality. Turns out it actually matters with shiny paint. The cheapo brushes I usually use for flat paint just were not cutting it, but no way was I making another trip for more supplies after getting started so I just soldiered on, figuring few would ever see this part of the dresser anyway (most of it will be hidden behind the drawer faces).

For the top and sides, I used a 4″ foam roller to apply two coats of primer and four (!) coats of paint. Here’s another thing I’m not used to: apparently more saturated tones take more coats to build up. It seemed like it took forevvvver for the color to start looking smooth and consistent, or even resembling the rich navy I was going for. Observe the photos I took between each coat below.

Geez that took forever. I worked on this pretty much all day on Saturday, although for someone less pathetic than me it would probably only take a few hours. My need to lay down and rest every 30 minutes or so tends to really slow things down. But finally, the outside was finished.

I’ve been having the hardest time photographing this thing in front of the big west-facing window where it lives. No matter what time of day I try the camera just cannot capture its beauty. The photos below are two of my more successful attempts. Note that the very bottom part is still red. I needed Nick to lift it up for me so I could fit my roller in there, but he was at an LSU baseball game Saturday evening so I decided to just wait and paint it when I tackled the drawer fronts.

I can’t get over how shiny it is. And the blue is perfect–deep and rich without being too serious for a little boy’s room. You just wait until I get the new hardware on there. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m soooo excited that the end is in sight–now all I have to do is paint the drawer fronts and install the new hardware. That’ll mean tackling something else I’ve never done before, since the new pulls I got require slightly wider holes. Maybe the experience will finally give me the confidence I need to install new drawer pulls in the kitchen (something I’ve been wanting to do for months). I’m starting to get a little nervous now, since Jack is due to arrive in a little less than 10 weeks and I still have kind of a lot of work to do in here. I know that it won’t matter a bit to him, but this nursery project has really helped me stay focused when pregnancy was wreaking havoc on my health and I want to see it through. Fingers crossed that I can get it all done!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


5 responses to Jack’s Dresser Part 3: In the Navy

  1. So far, so good. Jack’s dresser, the saga continues..

  2. Looks great! You are so creative! 10 weeks until granny time- oh my! I can not believe that he is almost here!

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