Not So Mellow Yellow

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I’ve had this little side table for a few years now. It belonged to my dad’s parents, whose names were Jack and Charlotte. My sister and I were their only grandkids and we always called them Nanny and PawPaw. After Nanny passed away in 2004 my PawPaw moved to the Texas panhandle, where he and Nanny had met and spent the early years of their marriage. He’s since remarried and has a really fulfilling life there now–he’s even the president of the resident council in the retirement community they live in. My parents and sister and I went to visit them last summer and it was awesome to see how happy he is. Check out this post about our visit for some awesome granny-chic decor inspiration.

It sat in my parents’ garage with a lot of other stuff from their house until I spotted it and another end table and snatched them up shortly after we moved into this house. For the longest time, it sat nestled between the wing chairs on the far end of the living room.

But when I rearranged the furniture in there to make way for the chaise lounge, it no longer had a home. I took a good, long look at it and decided that the shelf below and little book-holder on the front would make it perfect for a nursery. So last weekend I dragged it outside and gave it a coat of spray primer, then about a bajillion coats of Valspar’s Sunburst Yellow.

I’ve been kind of on the fence about spray paint for a while now, and this project definitely pushed me in the direction of distaste. It was so hard to get even coverage on both the spindly legs and book holder and on the flat surfaces of the sides, top, and shelf. It probably didn’t help things that it’s been raining on and off all week, so the project I expected to finish in an hour ended up stretching over several days. I’d come home from work, give it a quick coat or two, then have to drag it inside before the rain started pouring down. I became much less diligent about taking pictures after that second coat (as in, I didn’t take any), but I finally got ‘er done yesterday. The paint job is far from perfect, but that’s okay with me. I’m just glad it’s finished!

It sits next to my newly upholstered rocking chair with my freshly updated lamp, a coaster for me to place a drink, and a bead maze toy I think is cute.

The little front pocket holds a small collection of children’s books that Nick’s mom passed on to us from when he was a little one. I was especially charmed to see In the Night Kitchen when I pulled the stack of books she gave us months ago out of storage. The author, Maurice Sendak, also wrote Where the Wild Things Are. He passed away this week and NPR replayed several old interviews with him, so I felt a surge of recognition at the sight of his name. If his style of giving interviews is any indication he was quite a clever and charming man.

The little shelf below seems like an ideal spot to stash burp cloths and whatever else I decide I need close at hand when sitting in my chair.

It’s really hard to capture the blue dresser accurately because of the big window right behind it, but I wanted to give you an indication of how the room is beginning to be laid out and how the colors all look together so far. This angle is the best I could do. That door you see in the background leads to the bathroom, which also opens to the guest room on the other side. The crib will be over to the right of the table, and the closet and fireplace were right behind me as I took this picture.

I’m really excited with how everything is coming together! The dresser and the chair and the table all look exactly how I thought they would. Next step is to get a crib and fix up that whole little area with some art (the sunshine sign I already made), a crib skirt for some concealed storage, and a mobile. I decided to skip the whole baby-bedding bonanza, since it can get very expensive very quickly and several of the items included in sets are now deemed unsafe anyway (quilts, bumpers, pillows, etc.). Little Jack will sleep on crisp white (bleachable) cotton sheets just like we do. And once I have his bed set up I can relax because if he shows up next week and the room is still a mess at least he has a place to sleep, haha.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


5 responses to Not So Mellow Yellow

  1. that’s the perfect little piece of furniture for a nursery! especially when he can grab his books out of the little rack. i love the bead maze, too.

  2. Can’t wait to see the room in person AND with a little person in it!

  3. I just love Jack’s room. The table is just perfect. I also like your supply of vintage books. You can read them to him while he is tiny and then put them away until he is ready to read, not eat them. LOL Those are all books that I would recommend. In the Night Kitchen was controversial when it was first published, but it’s a classic.

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