A Little Slant of Sunshine

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  May 18, 2012 — 3 Comments

Remember this sign I painted for the nursery back in March?

Well, yesterday I dragged it outside and gave it two quick coats of this stuff:

It dries in thirty minutes, so in no time at all I turned this…

Into this…

Coming along nicely, isn’t it? The canvas is supported for now by a few nails stuck into the wall, but after I live with it for a few days (or weeks) and decide for sure whether I want to move it down a little or leave it as is I’ll secure it additionally with some of those 3M adhesive strips. It’s super light (as in, I can lift it with my little finger), but I still wouldn’t want it falling down into the crib in case of one of those oh-so-common Louisiana earthquakes.

When I was looking through my old files for a picture of the sign I found this shot from back in March. Sample paint on the walls, rocking chair still sporting a plywood seat, side table not yet brought into the twenty-first century with a can of yellow spraypaint. That’s how I was originally planning to lay out the furniture, too, until I looked up the measurements of the average crib and realized no way was it going to fit in that arrangement. I love looking at this picture to help me realize how much has changed in the last two months.

When Nick was hanging up the sign for me I was criticizing his use of the level. I was all like, “You moved it after you made the first mark! It’s not going to be level!” Yeah, I’m not that easy to live with these days. Nick is a saint for putting up with me. Sure enough, once the sign was hung it looked all crooked over the crib. I smugly told Nick that he did it wrong and he should have listened to me and yada yada yada…then had to eat my words when he placed the level atop the sign and the bubble was perfectly centered. Then we placed the level on the crib railing and, of course, the bubble floated all the way to the right. One of the many, many joys of living in a 90 year old home is that the floors all slope toward the center of the house. It’s usually not a problem unless I’m trying to put something with four legs along a wall close to the middle of the house. The wall separating the living and dining room is generally the worst spot, but this is pretty bad, as well. The good news is that it’s not so uneven that the crib rocks on three legs or anything. We didn’t even notice it until we hung something perfectly level right above it. I stuck  two layers of those felt furniture pads under the feet on the low side to try to even things out a bit, but that dang bubble is still floating to the right. So now I’m debating whether to adjust the sign so that it hangs parallel to the crib or leave it as is. You can’t even tell that anything is amiss in the photo above. It’s only if you’re standing directly in front of the crib…which I plan on doing a lot of in the coming years. Or maybe I just need to relax and let it stay all askew? Either way, I’m loving the look of the sign hung up in its forever home. One more item checked off my to-do list!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


3 responses to A Little Slant of Sunshine

  1. I love the way it is all coming together!!! It looks great. I don’t know what to tell you about leveling everything. I think I would try to level the crib. After all, you don’t want Jack sleeping down hill. LOL

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