Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  May 22, 2012 — 6 Comments

Ever since our visit to the beach last summer, I’ve been telling Nick that I wanted to come back this year. When we found out we were expecting getting to the beach became almost an obsession for me. Pregnant or not, sitting on the beach is hands down one of my top five favorite things in life, but I needed the time to relax this year more than ever. The more my belly grew and grew, the more desperately I craved sand beneath my toes. Nick, of course, thought it was unwise to spend money on a vacation with medical expenses and costly baby purchases looming in our future. He’s so much better with money than I am, but I wasn’t budging. I NEEDED to get to the beach before this baby came. Finally, with only a few weeks left before I’d be too far along to travel out of state, he realized I was serious. And, of course, there were no reasonably priced accommodations to be found booking less than a month ahead of time. So Nick brought back up an idea I’d shot down months ago: asking his great aunt and uncle if we could borrow their condo in Destin for a weekend. I’d originally protested, thinking it incredibly moochy and el cheapo of him, but by the first week of May I was desperate, so I agreed, and guess where we spent the last few nights?

We drove in after work on Friday, arriving well past my bedtime so that we could take advantage of a full day of relaxation on Saturday.

Isn’t he handsome? Since I’m soon to be unemployed maybe I’ll start referring to him as my sugar daddy. The thriftiest sugar daddy of all time.

Puffy feet in the sand. Where, oh where, have my ankles gone? I so enjoyed sitting on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear water, and listening to the sounds of the ocean. I even got past my self-consciousness and bared my belly to the sun for a little while. It was glorious.

I love the beach at sunset, even if the sun doesn’t dip ceremoniously into the ocean in the Florida panhandle. It’s still just so peaceful.

And can I just say that it’s hard to feel uncomfortable staying in someone else’s place when it’s as beautiful as this condo? Seriously. It was lovely.

We’re back home now and I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed. It was so wonderful for us to get away together for one last trip, just the two of us. I can hardly believe that it’s been nearly three years since our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. My how time flies! Now we’re moving into the next stage of our life together and the next time we visit the beach we’ll be parents! I can’t believe it.

And because I can’t help but add a little bit of how-to into nearly every post on this little blog, some of the strategies Nick and I used for a stress free (and less expensive) vacation: we brought bread, peanut butter, fruit, granola bars, etc. so that we could eat breakfast and lunch in the condo. We could have stayed in for dinner, too, if we wanted to, but we didn’t want to. When we went to dinner we left the condo by 5:30 so we could beat the crowds. Both nights we were seated without a wait, saw hordes of people waiting for a table on our way out, and were back in time to enjoy sunset on our balcony. We drove there Friday night and back Monday morning so we each only had to take one day off from work and still had plenty of time to unpack and get settled when we returned home. And we kept any purchases of beach gear to a minimum: just a $2 noodle and two $10 beach chairs from Target. We put them away in a storage closet when we got home so we can bring them with us again next time. As for the pets, we left the cats with lots of extra food and water and a clean litter box and dropped Juliet off at my parents’ house, which was on our way. I’m pretty sure my mom spoiled her rotten with treats, but she was happy to see us when we came back to pick her up. And the cats! We missed them so much. If only they liked car rides, or strange houses, or other peoples’ dogs, they could have gone to Camp Nana too, but I’m pretty sure they’re more comfortable staying home together.

I’ve become more and more of a homebody as I’ve gotten older. I often find even a trip to my parents’ house an hour and a half away moderately stressful. Packing, driving, missing my pets…none of it is fun for me. But this trip was so worth it, especially since the next time I pack a bag it will probably be for the hospital!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


6 responses to Vacation All I Ever Wanted

  1. Charlotte the more I get to know you the more I’m convinced we were separated at birth. Plopping my big fatt butt in a beach chair is in my top 3 things to do in this life. I’m glad you guys got to go! It looks so beautiful there. We’ve never been to Destin. We are heading out in July with a toddler to the beach, so we shall see how this goes!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap May 24, 2012 at 11:27 am

      I’m convinced Destin has the best beaches in the US. Nick and I were watching the families with babies and toddlers to try to figure out how they do it! Having little ones at the beach looks like a lot of fun and a LOT of work!

  2. Ohmigosh, that was very, very smart to have a vacation as a couple where you have longed to go… It will pay dividends for years to come. And, IMHO, and there is nothing wrong with letting the aunt and uncle share their condo – I’ll bet it makes them happy, too! Just look at those pictures! And you will show Jack his first trip to the beach. :-) My parents we’re convinced that my wanderlust and need to live In the West was due to my conception on their road trip through the western U.S. maybe Jack will be a surfing champion.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap May 24, 2012 at 11:25 am

      Hahaha maybe he will be! Both of his parents are homebodies so hopefully we can whip up some enthusiasm for him if he does end up loving to travel.

  3. Oh, I am so glad that you went. My step daughter just returned from Destin and said it was amazing. It looks beautiful and relaxing. Whenever I am at the ocean, I am amazed at the constantly changing colors and sounds. I am sure Jack was soothed by the sounds of the ocean too. You look adorable.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap May 24, 2012 at 11:24 am

      Thanks, Janet! The colors at the beach are what gets me the most. It’s like nature’s ombré.

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