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Back in February, when I first started getting serious about setting up the nursery, I ordered three different fabrics online. I used the Ikat-ish one all the way to the left for the rocking chair cushion, the zigzag print in the middle for the boppy cover, and last week I finally put the flannel polka dots to use as a receiving blanket.

I’d bought a yard of it as well as a yard of plain white flannel so I could make my blanket a little thicker. When I was ready to get started sewing I prewashed them both to get any shrinkage out of the way from the get-go, then with everything washed and dried and super soft I laid them out right sides together on the dining room table and ironed them flat. The white flannel was a little wider than the green so I trimmed the edges to make everything line up nice and straight.

The two pieces stuck together pretty well after ironing, so I skipped the part where I pin the edges all together and just brought it straight to my sewing machine, where I sewed a straight stitch all the way around. I used navy blue thread I’d bought for the crib skirt and left a hole the size of my fist in the middle of one side, sewing backwards an inch or so at each end of the opening to keep it from accidentally ripping open when I turned the whole operation inside out.

I went around all four corners and trimmed the excess fabric so it wouldn’t be all bunched up on the inside. Nobody likes a bunchy corner.

Then I turned the whole thing inside out and used a pencil to poke the corners out nice and pointy. I am in love with this fabric. It’s soooo soft. I want to make myself a flannel blanket now.

To finish things off I sewed a navy blue zigzag stitch around all four sides. When I got to the part I’d left open to turn inside out, I just folded the edges in before sewing the zigzag stitch and now you’d be hard-pressed to find where the telltale hole once existed. I feel like this last step really gave it a more finished look and feel, plus it keeps the edges from rolling all over the place like they could before.

Ta-da! Doesn’t it look like a nice spot to lie on the floor and take in the world? Or have social hour with your animal siblings? The finished size is about 35″x38″, significantly larger than the standard 30″ square receiving blankets found in stores (plus those are usually just one layer of fabric and mine is two, making it perhaps a little thick for summertime swaddling but perfect for cushioning our hardwood floors). I also love how the pattern of the fabric was really forgiving in the straight lines department. The edges of the blanket are all wiggly and imperfect and it looks just fine, even like maybe it was supposed to be that way.

And of course I love the way it looks with everything else. I’m totally patting myself on the back right now for making awesome choices in here. Sometime soon I’ll do a video tour of this room so you can see how it all looks together with this little area, the dresser, the mantle, etc. I can never get the dresser to photograph well because of the big window right behind it, but maybe it’ll look better on video. Plus I gotta try out the new video camera we got for Christmas before the baby gets here to make sure I know how to work it!

As much as I really want to whip up some DIY art to hang on that wall above the chair and table, I know that getting some blackout shades on those windows is a bigger priority (this photo was taken with no lights on and look how bright it is!), so that’s what I’ll be working on today. Hopefully it’ll be easy for me to knock out between naps and foot-elevating sessions and I can share it with you tomorrow or Thursday!

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  1. I LOVE your playful mix of patterns. And it was delightful to see the nursery take form. It’s really cute! I’m excited for you to welcome baby Jack into his new little home!

  2. The blanket is so cute. I like the colors and the combinations. Now, get your feet up. LOL

  3. Very cute! I’m a big fan of polka dots. BTW, I read that it’s a good idea to sew together blankets like these so the two layers don’t get separated/twisted up in the wash. You can sew a big X (corner to corner), a square in the middle, some scattered bar tacks, or whatever method you choose. I went with a big X using a decorative wavy stitch for mine. (I gifted the blanket so I can’t report on how well it’s holding up, unfortunately.)

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