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Yeah, those DIY blackout shades I’ve been working on still aren’t done. Turns out hanging miniblinds is hard for folks like us. Neither of us have ever hung blinds before and the instructions are maddeningly vague, so poor Nick was up on a stepladder at the end of a long day at work trying to make his giant man-hands manipulate a screwdriver into the tight space inside the bracket, only to realize we were hanging them in the wrong direction and had to start all over, blah blah blah…long story short, we decided one set of brackets mounted was enough for one day. We’ll tackle the other side today. I certainly never thought getting them hung up would be such a challenge!

Fortunately, what we lack in general home-maintenance and improvement competency we more than make up for in the area of adorable animals. So today I give you: Gratuitous Pictures of My Pets. Sort of a warm-up for all the baby pictures to come in a few weeks. All photos courtesy of my iphone.

Juliet and Pistachio have taken to cuddling on occasion. Mostly just when they happen to be in the same place at the same time, but you better believe I am right there ready to snap a picture. In the first photo above you can even see Sheila sleeping on the back of the sofa in the background. She is not nearly as amicable to Juliet but can usually be found nearby.

Sheila and Pistachio cuddle often, which brings me no small amount of joy. They’re both pretty excited to have cushions on the wing chairs again. In fact, the chair near the window has become Pistachio’s new favorite nap spot. I’ve discovered now that I’m home from work that all my pets pretty much just sleep all day.

Speaking of Pistachio…

Nick and I were sorting through all the baby gear and decided to test some of it out. Pistachio was a natural choice for the Baby Bjorn. Juliet has been both swaddled and placed in the Moby wrap, but those photos of me are not nearly flattering enough to be immortalized on the internet. For the record, Juliet’s not a big fan of swaddling but finds the Moby wrap delightful. There was a lot of enthusiastic face-licking.

I mentioned that Juliet has been much more affectionate with Nick lately, and here’s the proof. Do you see that giant smile on his face? You’d think he was cuddling with a baby panda or something.

I think Pistachio is just asking to be a test subject for diapering.

And last but not least…

Do you remember me mentioning that this was the first year since moving into this house that a nest of baby birds hadn’t fallen down our chimney? I spoke too soon. The first time it ever happened we were so confused. We weren’t sure what all that angry racket was behind the fireplace cover and thought it may be a bat or some sort of small animal, so we closed off the room and carefully removed the cover, armed with a broom and a garbage bag to try to capture whatever came flying out. To our great relief, nothing happened, and when we peered into the fireplace to see what was up we found half of a nest and three little birds with amazingly loud voices. In our infinite wisdom we decided to place them, inside their nest, in a hanging plant basket and use some rope to hoist it up into the branches of our oak tree, hoping maybe their mother would find them in this new makeshift home and care for them from there. But after a few hours and no sign of mama bird we took to the internet in search of somewhere we could bring them. By now it’s old hat. These little birdies were much quieter, and I actually told Nick that I thought they were still up at the top of the chimney. But he insisted on opening the cover to check and, lo and behold, five little birdies were there looking very scared. Two had even been ejected from the nest. Nick scooped them all up, put them in a small box, and left for work. As soon as I’d finished writing my blog post that morning I took them to LSU’s vet school hospital and dropped them off with a small donation. I heard the tech who carried them off talking to them sweetly about getting them into the warming station, so I feel sure they’re being well cared for.

I hope that the pets don’t have too much difficulty adjusting to the presence of a baby in the house, and that Jack someday comes to love animals as much as we do. Maybe they’ll all be best friends!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Yours is surely a house filled with love!

  2. Love Gratuitous Pet Pictures!! I have had shade issues too. We have them hung, but it is because Jim is a handy guy not because I am good at it. I blame it on my shortness. Keeping my arms up is just uncomfortable.

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