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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  June 21, 2012 — 2 Comments

Remember these animal silhouettes I painted for Jack’s room earlier this week?

I gave it another try and was able to paint the letters in with a smaller brush and paint that had been watered down. It’s not perfect but I think they look so much cuter with the letters.

I wanted to hang them up on the wall with some other things I’d collected: a papier mache letter J from Hobby Lobby that I’d painted green and some baby pictures of Nick and I. I would not have thought to put up baby pictures of us on my own, but my friends got these photos from our moms for the shower they threw for us and I decided they were super cute. I measured the area where I wanted to hang everything on the wall and cut a big piece of paper to size, then made little notes along with bottom where the chair and lamp were. I also marked where on the paper 57″ up from the floor would be. Since 57″ is gallery height I like to hang stuff (or groupings of stuff) so that they’re centered above and below that line. I played around with it and decided on an asymmetrical arrangement, then traced the location of everything with a pencil. Obviously this part was done before I added the letters to the animal prints, when they were still significantly less adorable.

Then, I used some painter’s tape to hang the paper up on the wall and measured and marked where the nail holes should go. Since I’d made no effort whatsoever to hang my paper straight I used a level to mark for my nails. I must have done something wrong, though, because after everything was hung it was all crooked. I was really grouchy and irritated by that point so Nick went back and fixed them all for me. Thank goodness for that man.

I tried this fancy method of hanging the slab of wood I’d painted the dachshund silhouette on–drilling two shallow holes that were theoretically even with one another and the top of the wood and then using those holes to hang the whole thing on a pair of nails. Unfortunately, getting the nails to “catch” the holes in the back was a big ‘ol pain and then when I finally did get the dang thing hung it was crooked. This is part of why I was so grouchy by the time this project was over!

I ended up just stapling a piece of string to the back instead. I may have been a little aggressive with my staple gun.

Finally, everything was up on the wall and not at all crooked. Ta da! Can you tell which baby is me and which is Nick? I’m the fat one, haha.

There’s something else that I want to hang to the right of the cat silhouette, hence the fact that this whole arrangement is a little skewed to the left. Nick’s mom gave me a cross-stitched quilt she made when she was pregnant with him and I want to display it in a frame, but I’m getting tired and I need a little more time to get ‘er done. I got Nick to help me build a frame for it but I must have miscalculated because it was too small. Apparently I’ve completely lost my ability to think straight lately. It’s driving me nuts.

I was a little worried at first that the mustardy yellow of the dog silhouette would clash with the brighter yellows in the table and the Sunshine sign, but once I had it up on the wall I realized that it’s actually a pretty close match to the yellow yarn used in the mobile. And I think that bringing in different shades of yellow, green, and blue adds a little dimension to the room, as opposed to giving the impression that I bought everything as a set to coordinate perfectly. So even though I put this all together in just a few months it looks a little more like it’s been collected over time–which is how I usually decorate, so this is pretty true to my overall style. I think I’m about done with decorating the nursery. It’s not that much fun for me anymore and I’m just ready to have a baby living in here! I’m not quite ready to call it “finished” for sure yet though. I gotta think about it for a day or two, maybe. We’ll see.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. I love your asymmetrical arrangement. I can’t wait to see the quilt added to it. Take your time though, you need to rest. LOL I think if everything is symmetrical, it is boring. The other teacher that taught third grade had everything centered in her classroom and bulletin boards. I think I drove her crazy by doing just the opposite. I would try to un-center her things and she centered mine. It was all done in fun. She would actually tidy my desk as she talked to me and I would sneak in and move her stapler a little off center. We were opposites who worked together well for years and are still friends.

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