An Easy Gift for Dad

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  June 22, 2012 — 2 Comments

My dad is the kind of guy who has everything. Everything he wants, at least. We used to always give him Home Depot gift cards until he quietly let us know that he had run out of things he wanted from there (and this is coming from a man who built his own house!).


The only thing he ever asks for now are super-specific parts for his motorcycle. I asked him last night and he said he thinks he will never run out of ways to tinker with and improve upon his bike. It’s a hobby that will entertain him for life, which is awesome. His birthday is June 17th, which is always really close to Father’s Day, but this year the two days were one and the same! He and my mom were out of town last weekend, though, so we met for dinner last night to celebrate. I had procrastinated too long on getting a gift to track down whatever motorcycle part he’s currently coveting so I had to improvise. Here’s what I whipped up for about $40:


Dad’s been talking for a while about wanting a beverage tub, so I picked up this galvanized bucket in the paint aisle at Lowe’s for about $14. Then I lined the bottom with burlap to lift everything up a little and added a bunch of unhealthy but delicious-looking snacks I thought he might like ($20 at CVS, but it probably would have been cheaper if I’d gone to the grocery store instead) and a Harley-Davidson koozie ($6 from Amazon). Then, I rolled some of the brown kraft paper I use for wrapping gifts into a tight cylinder and used a pair of scissors to cut it into strips. Bam, instant curly paper stuff to sprinkle around all the goodies. Dad seemed happy. He said he was going to take the nuts with him to work the next day.

His dad is equally hard to shop for, so I anticipate this problem only worsening as he ages. Nick is the same way. He just doesn’t want anything he doesn’t already have. It’s a wonderful way to live, actually. I’m a tad jealous. There’s always stuff I want but don’t have!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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