Welcome, Jack!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  July 2, 2012 — 10 Comments

Ta-da! The greatest thing I ever made. Jack Bernard Tryforos gloriously made his entrance into the world at 1:49pm on Friday, June 29th 2012.

A rare hatless moment, so I can remember that head of hair:

We’re completely smitten with him. He is totally worth every uncomfortable moment of the last nine months. I can’t believe he was inside my belly! All 8lbs, 14.6oz of him. And at 21.5″ long maybe he’ll show his former basketball star dad a thing or two on the court someday. Or maybe he’ll prefer to spend his free time reading and writing, which would be totally okay with me (I was never exactly the athletic type).

Although I didn’t hate the hospital stay nearly as much as I thought I would, I’m totally thrilled to be bringing him home today. I can’t wait to introduce him to our pets, show him his room, and start settling into our new life as a family of three. Thank you all for all your kind words of support, love, and encouragement from the very day I announced that we were expecting. I can’t wait to see how parenthood influences all my projects and blog posts! After all, there’s nothing like leaving your job to stay home full-time to make you get serious about living inexpensively, right? And if there’s a way to do that while still creating a beautiful, functional home I’m all about it. But for now I think I’ll just soak up the new baby smell for a few weeks, haha.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


10 responses to Welcome, Jack!

  1. He looks so adorable. More alert ! Enjoy going home. I am sure that the animals will him! Yes, the miracle of birth. It amazes me all the time! Kisses and hugs!

  2. Beautiful boy! You did GOOD!

  3. Congrats, Charlotte! He is beautiful! Welcome to motherhood

  4. Oh Charlotte- he is beautiful!

  5. Yay! He is glorious! Congratulations and all my best wishes for a fantastic first day home! I can’t imagine how ecstatic you must be!

  6. Oh my gosh, he’s so adorable! Congrats you all! What an experience it will be! So happy for you :)

  7. Oh, he is a living doll. I understand that you are smitten with him. You are probably already amazed at how long you can watch his every move. Babies are the most fascinating little creatures on Earth. Enjoy!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your new little family! He is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful!!

  9. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!

  10. Aww, congrats! “Enjoy the new baby smell!” Lol

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