The New Normal: Day 1

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  July 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

Today is Nick’s first day back to work, and therefore my first day home alone with Jack! I’m really excited to start settling into a routine and at the same time nervous about going it alone all day. I feel like it’s my first day at my new job! Parenthood has been shockingly easy so far, which makes me wonder if we’re doing it wrong, but I think we just got lucky with a really adaptable and sweet-tempered baby. He hasn’t thrown anything our way so far that two parents and a devoted dachshund can’t handle, other than unbearable cuteness. And yes, Juliet still does think she’s responsible for his well-being. It’s adorable.

Can I tell you something crazy? I am feeling absolutely fabulous. I expected to be frazzled and sleep-deprived these first few weeks, but I seem to be riding some sort of hormonal high instead. I have soooo much more energy than I did when I was pregnant. The hardest thing is remembering to take it easy so my body can heal from the c-section! I can’t wait to be able to jump back into projects around the house. There’s lots I want to do in the kitchen, laundry room, and backyard. And my shop! I have so many fabulous vintage finds that have been waiting patiently for months to grace the virtual shelves of my little etsy shop. I finally have the energy now to get them all photographed and listed, which is a good thing since that little ‘ol shop has got to start helping pay the bills these days.

I am so in love with that little man, and so grateful for this time at home to watch him grow. I’m very uncharacteristically forcing myself to avoid obsessing over the future, the next big thing, the next milestone, so I can just sit back and enjoy these precious days before they’re gone.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


2 responses to The New Normal: Day 1

  1. Good for you, Char! I hope you guys continue to have wonderful days at home! Sounds like it is going wonderfully for you. By the way, Jack has the cutest little profile I’ve ever seen. I want to squeeze those cheeks!

  2. I’m so glad that you are feeling so well. I had the same experience. I felt great after my first child. I had bouts of loonyness because I have weird reactions from anesthesia. I had to wait almost two weeks before the baby and I could be left alone together but otherwise I felt great. Jack is just adorable. You will have trouble keeping the old lady types like me from grabbing those cheeks. I understand that you have fallen completely in love. I was so enraptured with my little girl, that I actually felt sorry for other people with regular babies. LOL.. I was much more realistic about my second child, but no less in love. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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