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Between an auction I won on eBay and a friend who thought of me when she couldn’t bring her inherited silver collection along on her cross-country move (thanks, Caitlyn!), I scored a boatload of vintage silver all in one day last week. Luckily it was also the same day that I got my first ever tub of silver cream. Why oh why have I never used silver polish before? It works sooooo much better and faster than toothpaste or baking soda or whatever other household substances I tried before. This stuff is amazing.

I’m going to make some more chalkboards out of the silver platters stacked up on the left. Everything else is pretty much ready to be listed, save for some wax I still need to clean off those candleholders. Anyone know a good method of removing wax from an uneven surface? I tried freezing it but that didn’t really work.

My shop seems to be doing really well lately, which makes me pretty excited because the more successful my shop is, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to continue spending my days with this guy:

He’s starting to give little hints of a smile. Can you see it? I’m still having a hard time figuring out how to balance motherhood vs. getting anything else done ever. I don’t know how moms of more than one kid manage to not just live in complete filth, much less work from home. I actually ended up writing out my priorities in order and putting it on the wall near my desk so that when I get him down for a nap I can go look at it to help me decide what to do with my few minutes of freedom. First priority: getting myself fed, dressed, etc. After that comes the blog, shop, studying for my social work licensure exam (still haven’t even applied to take it so I am way behind on this one), exercise, and wouldn’t you believe that housework is way down at the bottom of that list? Funny how that happens. I figure Nick helps a lot with housework when he’s home so it’s not critical that I squeeze it into my precious daytime hours. Although I do do the laundry several times a week since we’re cloth diapering, but that takes hardly any time at all. I’ve only made it all the way to exercise like once since I started this priority system. We were taking walks a few times a week earlier on but I wasn’t getting much else done and that started to wear on my sense of self-efficacy (see how I’m still working some social work chatter into my everyday life? Gotta stay fresh). I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight at my postpartum visit this week, which isĀ amazing and blows my mind because usually I am packing on the pounds instead of seeing them melt off, but I still have about twenty pounds to go to reach my goal (which is what I weighed when we got married three years ago).

So overall, things are going just swell. I figure it’ll take me about seventeen and a half naps to get all that silver photographed, priced, and listed in my shop, but the little thrill I get every time I make a sale is so worth it.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Thanks for the photos of Jack. What personality shines out of him.
    I’m glad for you for the silver, but I’m glad it is you and not me. I grew up polishing silver for the family jewelry store and I have had enough. By the way silver polish is much better for the silver than the other stuff. It leaves a beautiful patina. You might try a blow dryer on that wax. It may get it warm enough to melt it off or at least be able to soften it up.

    Ahhh.. the weight. I lost all of mine quickly, but it came back as soon as I quit nursing. I am still trying to lose my baby weight and he is 30. LOL..

  2. I warm the candlestick with a match to melt the wax off. Then I follow with Goo Gone and toothbrush.

  3. Hi there! Your l’il one is adorable!!!! On the candle wax – I fill the sink with HOT water and just put the candlesticks in it for a few minutes, and the wax just kind of peels off… Hope that helps you! Julia

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