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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  September 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

The weekend before Hurricane Isaac I ventured out to my first estate sale in months. It was at this huge, old, weird house in my neighborhood. The owner actually named the house “Shadows on Letitia” (Letitia is the name of the street) and hung a sign out front letting everyone know. It looked kind of like a bed and breakfast or something. It was really big and full of great vintage furniture, including a down-stuffed setee I longed to bring home and replace the funky dropcloth sofa with. I didn’t buy any furniture or anything for my shop, but I did buy a bunch of cool smaller items just for myself. I meant to tell you about it that week but with the hurricane I got distracted and now of course I can’t remember how much everything cost. I know I spent $35 total though, so not bad. I always go on the last day of the sale when everything is half off. There’s usually lots of good stuff left, like this table runner that I’m positive was less than $10. I was tired of all the shedding my old burlap table runner did so it was time for a change. I’m loving the pop of color, even though I guess burlap would probably be more seasonally appropriate as we head into fall.

This brass table lamp was $8 I think. For some reason my camera didn’t focus on it very well but it’s got this great hammered texture. That shade has got to go, though. The base has sort of a ginger jar shape so I’ve been searching pinterest and google for images of ginger jar lamps to see what kind of shade I might like. I picked up a kind of big drum shade at Lowe’s this weekend to try out for a few days. I haven’t unwrapped it yet and I kept the receipt so I can return it if I decide I don’t like it. Every lamp in my house has a drum shade so something different might be fun. I still need to rewire the lamp so I’m not in a hurry to settle on the shade issue. I think that it may stay here in the dining room but I’m not sure. Lots of indecision surrounding this lamp!

I also got this brass floor lamp. I think maybe it was $12.

It definitely needs to be rewired. Cassie’s husband Nic was with us and he remarked, “It’s never a good sign when scotch tape is involved.” Well said.

It’s living in the office for now. The little lamp I did have on the desk got moved upstairs because we needed some task lighting for nighttime diaper changes, but when I bring these two brass beauties in to be rewired I plan to also drop off a pair of table lamps that I’ve been wanting to put in the bedroom forever. Once those lamps are in the bedroom we won’t need the little desk lamp up there and I guess this brass one will need a new home. I really like it here, though. It’s kind of a fun contrast with the super-modern white desk and I like the way it looks with the green pegboard.

Last but not least, I picked up these little wooden toys for Jack’s room. Aren’t they cute? I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’ll probably just leave them unpainted like this. I kind of like it.

I also got some free goodies that day. Cassie had picked up some gifts for Jack’s room at a little thrift store/flea market kind of place and brought them over when we went to the estate sale together. I think I’m going to paint this letter J and add it to the art wall in his room, along with a “J is for Jaguar” drawing she commissioned from a kid she used to work with (she’s a social worker like me).

She also brought me this awesome vintage nursery scale. It works and everything! We weighed Jack on it (by putting him in a basket lined with blankets that we weighed first on its own so we could subtract its weight) and he was 14 pounds! He was 8 weeks old then. We go to the doctor tomorrow so if I have time I might weigh him at home beforehand to see how accurate it is. He’s a big baby! I was like 25 pounds when I started kindergarten so he definitely takes after Nick in the size department.

I love going to estate sales in my neighborhood. There’s usually a really good mix of high and low end stuff with plenty of character, unlike in some of the newer parts of town where it’s all fancy antiques and super-polished silver. I usually have just as much fun checking out the house as I do the items for sale. This one had suffered its fair share of decay, but it wasn’t beyond hope for someone committed to fixing it up. As for how I find out about all these sales, I get emails from letting me know whenever there’s one nearby. If you’ve never been to one before you should definitely check it out. They’re way better than garage sales and I got over the creepiness factor of it long ago.

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  1. I love love the vintage scale! I was actually looking for one just like it but ended up w modern digital one. Eh. Good enough right?. Yay for big healthy babies! Mine is 7 weeks and 8 lbs…. Still little but healthy ;)

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