Pottery Barn Holiday Inspiration

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  November 14, 2012 — 6 Comments

I’ve been receiving Pottery Barn catalogs regularly ever since I bought my sofa from them over two years ago. PB is usually a little rich for my blood so it usually goes straight to the recycling, but every now and then (especially around the holidays) I like to stop and peruse it as if it’s a magazine. I do love the Pottery Barn “look,” I just prefer my cool little whatnots to come a little cheaper. Here’s some holiday inspiration I gleaned from the latest catalog:

I love these colors for Christmas! I really like my holiday decor to be very colorful and bright, so this little smattering of ornaments is right up my alley.

I’m totally digging those glittery pinecones. Wondering if I could DIY something similar?

See those little silver balls lining the front walk? I think the catalog said that they’re mercury glass. I kind of have a thing for mercury glass but haven’t ever been able to find it inexpensively.

Silver ornaments filling cool containers? Yes please. Now I want a big metal birdcage just to fill up with stuff.

Galvanized tubs are really inexpensive in the paint aisle at big hardware stores. I actually have a small-ish one that I’ve used most recently to collect rainwater for my garden. Now that it’s out of service for the winter maybe I’ll use it to corral presents under the tree, especially the ones that I know we’ll be gathering up to take to see family anyway–we’ll just put the whole tub in the car.

I think those are pinecones in a jar on that side table.

I’m digging the little wreath here (makes me wish I had access to fresh eucalyptus to make my own), but what really floats my boat is the hobnail + mercury glass light fixture. I told you I had a thing for mercury glass and hobnail is also pretty high on my list of things I find charming.

Playing cards in a jar! Who can say no to a game of rummy when the cards are already right there? It feels so festive.

This is not Christmas-ey at all, but I was a little bit thrilled when I spotted some colored pencils in a jar because I, too, recently made the decision to store my colored pencils in a jar on my office shelves. It just seemed like a good idea.

Me and Pottery Barn, we love to put stuff in jars.

l’ve simplified my gift wrapping the past few years by using only white and brown paper. I think the rolls would look just darling hanging out in an oversized glass jug.

More mercury glass! Be still, my beating heart.

Being that I don’t have a regular paycheck I am even cheaper now than I used to be, so you probably won’t catch me running out to Pottery Barn anytime soon, but I definitely think I can take some inspiration from the way their designers pull rooms together and create a similar feel with stuff I already have/can find really inexpensively secondhand. There’s a strict rule in our house about saving Christmas decor for after Thanksgiving, but that’s right around the corner! I’ll be decking the halls in no time.

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6 responses to Pottery Barn Holiday Inspiration

  1. I, too, LOVE mercury glass. I did a bunch of DIY last year fort Christmas decor.
    Check it out on my blog

    I can’t wait to see what you create!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap November 14, 2012 at 1:58 pm

      Love it! I tried something similar once on a jumbo-sized silver “ornament” I found at Goodwill but it didn’t turn out very well. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

  2. I’ve been eyeing those ORB/hobnail lamp fixtures forever. I think it would be fairly easy to recreate by spray painting some thrift store fixtures and finding some hobnail shades. I’d love them for our hall bath.

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