O Christmas Tree

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 3, 2012 — 4 Comments

We made our annual trip to New Roads, LA this weekend to chop down our Christmas tree for the first time ever as a family of three. I couldn’t help thinking of our trip last year, when I was newly pregnant but still keeping it very much under wraps. It’s still so surreal that we actually have a baby now.

Lest you think I dressed my baby wildly inappropriately for the weather, bear in mind that it was about 75 degrees. Gotta love Louisiana. This year we invited our friends Cassie and Nic with us! They just moved into their very first house and were really excited to have a real, live tree. And yes, Cassie is my BFF and we both have husbands named Nic(k).

Bonus: Nic has a truck, which means we were spared the drama of tying a tree to the top of our SUV. Thanks, Nic!

Cassie is just a little in love with Jack. She’s got the baby fever.

Do you see how barren it is in the background? Last year it was full of trees, but apparently they had a lot of damage in Hurricane Isaac this August. They decided that this is the last year they’ll be open. I’m so bummed! I love love love going up to New Roads (you can read a little more about the town in my post from last year). I guess we’ll have to find a new tree farm next year!

There were still lots of nice trees left and the limited selection actually made the decision making process pretty easy. I’d a picked a keeper in no time.

If you know Nick at all, you know how far wielding a saw takes him outside of his comfort zone.

But this is the third year that we’ve chopped our own tree and I dare say he’s getting pretty good at it. He showed that cypress who was boss.

Cassie’s Nic was probably felling trees by the time he could walk. He is into tools and such.

I decided to put the tree in the front room this year. We didn’t have to move any furniture and there’s a mantle that I can decorate. This is the first year that we’ve had this room set up as a living area and Jack and I spend a lot of time in here during the day. I love being able to see and smell the tree while I hang out with him and work on my blog/shop.

We haven’t decorated it yet, but if you follow me on instagram or facebook you may have already seen that I hung up our new stockings. I’m planning to write about how I made them later this week.

Nick is home for the next few days to help me with Jack. I so desperately needed some time off and am really looking forward to relaxing and getting some things done while somebody else deals with naps and diapers and drool. The house is a mess and I know Nick will help me straighten it up a little while he’s here. Thank God for good husbands, am I right? Between this and my sister watching Jack yesterday while Nick and I went to see Twilight I might be cured of the crazy look in my eye as early as Wednesday.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to O Christmas Tree

  1. I can’t wait to see how your tree looks all decorated!

  2. Beautiful tree! Love all the pictures! You have started a tradition in your family that Jack will always remember!

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