Family Christmas Photo Fail

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 7, 2012 — 9 Comments

Every year that Nick and I have been married we’ve taken a family Christmas photo with our pets (check out last year’s post to see photos of Christmases past). I was really excited to use my new camera this year and even ordered a remote shutter release to make the whole self-portrait thing a little easier. I was already congratulating myself on how cute we all would look, how smoothly it would go, what fun jt would be… Picture day arrived. Imagine, if you will: the tree is decorated, everybody’s bathed, and I am not visibly doused in my child’s bodily fluids (no small miracle). I go to set up my camera with the remote and, um, I can’t figure it out. So I google it, and wouldn’t you know that it turns out my camera is pretty much the only Nikon that isn’t compatible with wireless remotes? I was SUPER annoyed at myself for not learning that when I was researching the camera, or even when I was shopping for wireless remotes! Twenty bucks wasted. But despite the little issue with the remote, no way was I going to waste a clean hair day by not getting our picture taken. So I forged ahead with the camera’s self-timer. And let me just tell y’all, getting two adults, three small animals, and a baby situated nicely in front of the camera in the ten seconds between when I push the button and the shutter releases is no easy task. We could barely even get one with everybody in the frame, unless you count these gems. It was literally like herding cats.

Notice the cat food on the couch? I was trying to appeal to their sense of hedonism.

Here Sheila is being forcibly restrained. Doesn’t exactly convey Christmas cheer!

This is one of the better ones, even though it’s sans Sheila.

And of course Jack is adorable, even though the outfit I was so hoping would fit him is still a little too big.

I reluctantly gave up on the cats and we were able to get this one, which I think is cute. Baby eats dog. Classic Christmas theme.

Something is holding me back from ordering cards with it, though. I guess maybe because Sheila and Pistachio have always been in our pictures and I don’t feel right leaving them out. I may give the whole thing another try this weekend. I’m running out of time to get cards printed and in the mail! I wish we were close enough with our neighbors to ask one of them to just come press the dang shutter button for us so we could concentrate on having everyone look nice. Of course if we get a better picture I’ll share. I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend! Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? I’m planning to knock most of mine out this evening from the comfort of my sofa. Oh, what exciting Friday nights I lead these days!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


9 responses to Family Christmas Photo Fail

  1. awwww!!! Jack is kissing now! Did you know that that’s what he is doing? Berkley started it around 5-6 months and it was my FAVORITE!!! She still does it sometimes when she’s tired. I love it and always tell her “thank you”. So precious!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap December 10, 2012 at 5:54 pm

      Oh I didn’t realize that! Makes sense since that’s what he does when we kiss him–mouth open wide!

  2. Canon wins points! Except that I have no remote timer. Saturday I have to take pictures of my friend Holly for their christmas card…and if you want…I can come click a shutter. Just FB me!

  3. Photoshop them in!!

  4. I like them. Photos that are real are so much more fun than the ones that look very posed. This is your real life, critters, babies, husbands, and especially Mommies don’t ever get to sit still for very long. LOL.

  5. Baby eats dog….love it!

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