It’s Beginning to Look Only Moderately Like Christmas

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

I am probably the last blogger on the internet to decorate for Christmas. The first year we were in this house I went all out the very weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year I was so exhausted by the early weeks of pregnancy that I hardly bothered. This year I’m striking a middle ground, I think. We’re feeling moderately festive around these parts, but not so much that I’ll be cursing myself come January when it all has to be packed back up.

I attempted a DIY project in which I painted a few words of a Christmas hymn onto a piece of fabric that I planned to stretch over a canvas, but as you can see it was pretty much an epic fail.

049 (570x380)

So then I got out this chalkboard that used to be painted white and sitting on the mantle in Jack’s room, and quickly wiped on some silvery-gray craft paint with my finger. #notimeforpaintbrushes

056 (380x570)

Then I did my best to write the words on there with chalk in some pretty lettering. I am in no way artsy and have pretty much the most awful handwriting known to mankind, but it’s better than the fabric + paint debacle. Perfect? No. Good enough? Yes.

070 (380x570)

Here it is on the shelf in my living room, along with some other seasonally appropriate whatnots.

113 (570x380)

I am really kind of over this whole grouping of furniture. The shelf is higher than I would normally hang something because two taller chairs used to sit under it, and now I feel like it with the lamp and the super low chaise are just not playing nicely together. Maybe I’ll work out some solution in the new year.

082 (570x380)

I Christmas-ified these oak branches I brought in from my yard a few months ago with some old ornaments and gold/glass votive candle holders–all from the thrift store last year.

198 (570x380)

I put some trimmings from our tree into a mason jar and stuck it on a shelf. I still feel like this whole arrangement looks kind of sad, though. Perhaps I’ll add something more if inspiration strikes.

204 (380x570)

The bulk of our festivity is focused in the front room. That’s where we have our tree and stockings.

242 (570x407)

The paper poinsettias I made look really cute just tucked in here and there.

259 (570x408)

I made some book page covered ornaments for my shop and they’ve sold really well. I decided to try making one with glitter but it took waaay too long to be worth my time. So the lone glittered ornament gets to stay at our house.

283 (570x380)

I kept the mantle pretty simple by just switching out the dictionary print that usually lives there for some glittery reindeer. Don’t they look adventurous?

211 (570x380)

And before you start beating yourself up thinking about how all your decorations are still in boxes, this is what you see when you walk in our door. I got our decorations out over a week ago and still haven’t cleaned up. At this point I might as well leave all this crap out until January.

252 (380x570)

So that’s what’s going down in the Tryforos household this Christmas. I think we’re skipping outdoor decorations again this year. The neighbors might wonder why we can hang up lights but can’t seem to bring ourselves to pull a single weed in our flower bed, haha. New Years’ resolution: stop being those neighbors with the neglected exterior.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to It’s Beginning to Look Only Moderately Like Christmas

  1. this tickled me so much! i’ve still got our fall wreath on my door and i have no plans to change it. funny how you have so much less time one you’ve got a baby! i once was a perfectionist and find myself saying all the time, ‘it’ll do’! you’re decorations look so cute, and fit your style so well! love the stockings, too. where did you get them?

  2. Love the stockings, as well! Thinking of making a few burlap stockings to add to our Christmas decor!

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