DIY Glittered Pinecones

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 17, 2012 — 3 Comments

Back in September I tossed a few pinecones into a pretty silver dish and called it fall decor. I decided to just leave them there for the holidays, rationalizing that Christmas trees are often pine and therefore pinecones go with Christmas trees. But yesterday I got an itch to work on a little project and started looking around for something quick and easy I could do before dinner. And there were the pinecones, looking like they could really use some glitter.

013 (570x380)

I gathered my supplies outside: pinecones, spray adhesive, glitter, and a plastic gift bag I didn’t care about ruining.

021 (570x380)

I started by pouring a generous amount of glitter into the gift bag.

029 (570x380)

Then, I picked up the ugliest pinecone (in case I messed it up), misted it with spray adhesive, then tossed it in the bag and shook.

032 (570x380)

It ended up with waaaay more glitter than I wanted. Not exactly the subtle look I was hoping for. I brushed it off as best I could and moved on to the next ugliest pinecone.

036 (570x380)

Hmmm, this one was a little TOO subtle. Next, please.

039 (570x380)

This one was just right. So pretty! In about five minutes I had five glittery pinecones: three moderately festive and two representing opposite extremes. I added a little more glitter to the barren one, brushed a little more off the discotastic one, and called the whole thing a success.

042 (570x380)

Here they are back in my living room, looking all festive.

047 (570x380)

This whole project took less than thirty minutes, including the time I spent washing adhesive and glitter off my hands. The cool thing is that you could use as much or as little adhesive/glitter as you want to suit your own taste. You could make it so sparkly it might blind an  elf or just add a subtle shimmer. You could even skip the spray adhesive if you don’t have it around and just use glue to add some strategic sparkle here and there. The only downside is that next year I’ll have to find new pinecones for fall. So then I’ll have fall pinecones and slightly more festive Christmas pinecones. Good thing they’re all free!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


3 responses to DIY Glittered Pinecones

  1. I like them.Very pretty! Many years ago, when I was a Cub Scout leader, we found some huge pine cones in the park. They were about 8 inches long. We glued each one on a block of wood, and the boys glued shiny beads on each little pine cone thing that was sticking out. It was very time consuming, but it sure kept about 20 eight year olds busy for a while. They were given to Moms as a Christmas gift. I still have mine. Why didn’t I think of glitter in a bag? It would have been so much easier.
    Finding new ones for next Fall won’t be a downside. Jack will be a toddler then and you can have fun together collecting the pine cones.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say. We glued a star shaped bead on the top so each pine cone looked like a Christmas tree. I re-glue some of the beads every year.

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