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Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again. The gyms are crowded and good intentions abound. I am not big on unrealistic ideals, but I am big on goal setting. Law of attraction, you know? Make a goal and make it happen. And the more people I tell about it, the more likely I am to stick with it. So without further adieu, my goals for 2013 are as follows:

1) Get back to blogging every weekday. I put up five posts a week for about a year before falling off the wagon when Jack arrived. I’ve since worked back up to a pretty good Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine, but I feel like I’m ready now to come back in full force. The hardest part probably won’t be actually writing the posts, but doing enough interesting things to blog about! I’m getting back to working outside the home one day a week in the new year, as well, so it’ll be interesting to balance baby wrangling + part time work + general household management + fun projects to blog about + blog & shop maintenance. I can’t believe that I used to do all of that and work full time no problem before baby! It’s amazing how much caring for a tiny human takes out of you!

2) Declutter our house. I’ve made leaps and bounds in this department in recent years, but bastions of clutter persist. I dream of ridding my house completely of crap I don’t need. It’s a constant battle! I don’t know where all this stuff comes from. It seems to just materialize. But hopefully plenty of it will be finding its way to the Goodwill this year.

3) Journal. I do quite a bit of writing already between my blog and my addictions to facebook and texting, but it’s all public. I kept private journals through most of my childhood and adolescence and I really think it’d be good for me to get back into the habit. My hope is that it would help me process my life more thoughtfully and make more intentional decisions, especially when it comes to Jack. I was having a hard time figuring out how to make the time for it, until I realized I could get an app on my phone and tap out my innermost thoughts while I’m up feeding Jack in the middle of the night (instead of reading facebook, which is what I currently spend these quiet moments doing).

4) Stop swearing in front of the kid. Or maybe just in general. I’ve got a bit of a potty mouth and inappropriate things tend to just fly out. I need to clean up my act before Jack starts picking up obscene words and phrases.

5) Eat at the table. Nick and I have been eating dinner on the couch for as long as we’ve been together. I grew up eating at the table as a family and I think it’s important. Now that Jack is eating with us, I really want us to sit at the table. It helps that the dining room is a much more practical location for the very messy experience of feeding a baby, unless I am into mashed carrots mixed with drool all over my furniture.

So there you have it, folks. Four resolutions to ring in 2013. I’m a bit superstitious and the bad reputation of the number 13 makes me a little nervous, so I feel like it’s important I work extra hard to make this year a good one. Do y’all have any goals in mind for the new year? I hope you each had a festive New Year’s Eve and a relaxing day off yesterday. I was completely lazy and spent most of my New Year’s Day on the sofa. It was delightful.

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  1. Those are all good resolutions. It is a reasonable number of resolutions and it is all possible. I don’t journal as much as I want to, but it is a good idea.Clutter is a constant battle here as well. We ate at the table every night when I had kids until they reached the age where school activities and sports got in the way so I suggest you start early because that time is over before you know it. Oh, and the swearing thing….as an elementary teacher who spent many summers working in day care, I can tell you from experience, if you say it, he will say it. The problem is that he won’t understand when it is not appropriate and he will get in trouble for it. I would start working on that one immediately.

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