DIY Kraft Paper and Burlap Invitations

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These are exciting times for my parents. Their first grandchild was born last summer and now, drumroll please, my sister is getting married! She said for the longest time that she was not too keen on ever getting married but now she’s tying the knot at the ripe old age of 26. Maybe next I can convince her that babies are not as much work as they seem (which would of course be a pack of lies because they are, in fact, a boatload of work. But so worth it).

Anyway, Shannon’s general avoidance of all things typical and to be expected extends to the bridal shower. She tried to convince us not to throw one, but seeing as how I am somewhat of an expert (having hosted several in recent years) and also quite excited to be seeing my only sibling married off, it had to be done. Step one: procure invitations.

I thought about designing them myself (like I did our Christmas card), but when I saw these printable mason jar invites on Etsy I could not resist. For $15 I got a high resolution digital file with custom wording. (the invites did include my address, I just thought it prudent to obscure it before posting photos online. You understand).

Mason Jar - Charlotte Tryforos (407x570)

Shannon’s going for a natural, rustic theme with her wedding decor. Think mason jars, burlap, etc. In fact, instead of hiring a florist she’s spent the last few months painstakingly creating hundreds of flowers out of burlap to use in the bouquets and centerpieces. All the food is being made by family and the venue has lots of natural wood and beautiful oak trees. I could have just printed the invites onto white cardstock and they would have been perfectly adorable, but I thought it’d be fun to bring in some natural colors and textures to match her casual-rustic vibe. So I sized the printable file to be slightly smaller than the intended finished size of 5×7, set it up to print two to a page, then cut pieces of kraft paper to feed through my printer. I also picked up a yard of white burlap at Hobby Lobby (about three bucks) and cut it into 5×7 pieces.

003 (570x380)

I plopped myself down on the living room floor and set about cutting out each invite. Pistachio loves this kind of project. Scraps to play with!

005 (570x380)

Pretty soon I had thirty pieces of paper and thirty pieces of burlap. And one very sweet kitty keeping me company.

007 (570x380)

I had these adhesive lines left over from DIY’ingĀ my wedding invitations almost four years ago. I was excited to finally have a chance to use them again!

011 (380x570)

I cut the lines in half, peeled off the backing, and laid a piece along each edge of the paper.

014 (380x570)

Then I just peeled off the other side of the backing, leaving four sticky lines.

016 (380x570)

I double checked my burlap to make sure it had been cut nice and neat, then carefully pressed the paper invite down so that it was centered along the edges.

020 (350x570)

Then each one got stuffed into an ivory envelope (about $6 for fifty of them at Hobby Lobby). They’re arriving in mailboxes across south Louisiana this week.

021 (380x570)

It took me a couple hours from start to finish to crank these out, and I certainly could have made things easier on myself by just ordering some pre-printed, but I really love the way they came out and it was fun to let Nick watch the baby while I spent some quality time with my crafty side. Time to myself is in short supply these days, and even this morning as I was finishing up this post Jack was tired of playing by himself so I brought him into my lap, where he promptly leaned forward, hit the keyboard, and deleted everything I’d written. Ahhhhhh!!!! Thank goodness for autosave. And my resolution to stop swearing in front of him, haha.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


10 responses to DIY Kraft Paper and Burlap Invitations

  1. Lol, you’ll get the swearing thing down. You still have a few months to clean up your self proclaimed potty mouth!

  2. I got mine yesterday. Josh thought it was funny that you sent me an invitation.

  3. I love the invitations and how sweet of you to go to so much trouble for your sister. It should be fun.
    Good luck with the continued no swearing thing.

  4. Hi, I’m making similar invitations for a girlfriend of mine for her wedding. I’m wondering whether or not to try to stiffen the burlap. I’m afraid it will be to flimsy, doing your invites did they seem somewhat sturdy?


    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap June 25, 2013 at 8:36 am

      The Kraft paper was stiff enough to make it acceptable for a shower, but for a wedding it may have been a little floppy, depending on the level of formality of the wedding I suppose. Maybe try using starch or a water/glue mixture to stiffen it?

      • The wedding won’t be incredibly formal but the bride is going for a rustic chic feel. I think a stiffer burlap would be more suitable so I’ll give those a try, Thank you.

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