2012 Year in Review

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  January 21, 2013 — 2 Comments

Twenty-twelve was a big year for us! I made lots of progress in growing my blog and shop, left my job, Jack was born, and Nick got a promotion. I thought it would be fun to take a moment to look back at the highlights of the year before February rolls around and I embrace 2013 in earnest. Without further adieu:

January–we announced that we were expecting, worked on the office, and installed a new light fixture above our stairs (just went back and read that post and wow, that whole situation is a lot funnier in retrospect).

january (421x570)

February–planted my vegetable garden, got a new look for my blog and shop, made our first purchase for the nursery, found out we were having a boy!, and celebrated a year of blogging

february (570x428)

March–described a typical day in my life (I should do that again since my life is so different now!), figured out what the living room had always been missing, got a plan together for the nursery

march (570x428)

April–celebrated my birthday, continued working on the nursery (we painted, ordered fabric, put up curtains, installed a new fan, and made over a thrifted dresser), celebrated two years in our house, and changed up the look of my blog yet again

april (527x570)

May–went to the beach, kept trucking along on the nursery (the highlights: a cushion for the rocking chair, yellow table, crib skirt, DIY mobile, sunshine sign)

may (560x420)

June– I left my job, finally finished the wing chairs (with a little help), finished the nursery with a small rug, some DIY art, and a pair of blackout shades, celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and HAD A BABY!

june (420x560)

July–began treating Jack’s hip dysplasia…and that’s about it! I was a little engrossed in motherhood, haha.

july (560x420)

August–got a new rug in the living room, ditched Jack’s harness, lived through our first hurricane as homeowners

august (560x420)

September– took our first vacation as a family of three, Nick got a promotion, we celebrated his birthday, and I started working part time, and I updated my how-to, about, and house tour pages

september (420x560)

October– we visited Houston (and Ikea!), worked on organizing the front room with DIY chalkboard bins and a fabric-covered box, and dressed Jack up as a tiger for his first Halloween

october2 (420x560)

November– I got a new camera!, prepared my shop for the holiday rush as I celebrated one year in business, and opened my blog up for ads

november (560x373)

December–we decorated for Christmas, I wrote about all my favorite baby stuff, simplified my gift wrap routine, DIY’d a Christmas card, celebrated Jack’s first Christmas, bought a set of lockers for the front room, and Jack turned six months old(!)

december (456x570)

Whew! What a year, huh? It’s crazy how much can happen in twelve months. I’m anticipating 2013 to be a little bit less exciting–the birth of a child is hard to top–but probably just as busy and full of joy and laughter. Happy Monday, y’all (and MLK and Inauguration Day!). Jack is in the throws of his first ever cold and we are feeling pretty sorry for ourselves over here, but we’ll survive, haha.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. What a great year you had. I love the way you summarized it.

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