Lace Doily Patched Toms

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  February 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

Ah, the ubiquitous pair of Toms. Mine are over two years old, and it shows. They’re tattered and torn, with two particularly unsightly holes right where my big toes peek through.

044 (380x570)

The soles are worn and the inner is all torn up, so they’ll need to be replaced soon, but I thought I could get a little more wear out of them by patching the toes. I kept my eyes peeled for some pretty patterned canvas, but when I found these small vintage doilies at an estate sale (marked down to $1 because it was the last day of the sale), my heart went aflutter. I thought maybe they would work for my tattered Toms.

047 (380x570)

And I was right. They look awesome.

234 (570x380)

I started by cleaning them up a bit and cutting away all the excess threads so I could see what I was working with.

067 (570x380)

Then I cut a small patch of gray canvas left over from another project. I cut slits all around the outer edge to help it lay smoothly.

081 (570x380)

Next I slathered it up with fabric glue and carefully pressed it inside the toe of the shoe. It looks white here because the glue was still wet, but it dried clear. I repeated the same process on the other shoe.

088 (380x570)

With the structural component of this endeavor addressed, it was time to address the aesthetics. I headed outside with my shoes, two doilies, and my trusty spray adhesive. This one can has lasted through countless projects and still has plenty left.

204 (570x380)

One at a time, I laid a doily in the grass, sprayed it generously with adhesive, and smoothed it over the toe of a shoe.

211 (570x380)

Back inside, I used a sharp pair of scissors to carefully trim away the excess lace at the sole.

213 (570x380)

And just for good measure I slathered the edges with fabric glue. It dries clear, so this makes it more durable without really compromising the look like thread would.

217 (570x380)

And just like that, these are my favorite shoes again.

245 (380x570)

226 (570x380)

I’ll probably have to toss them out altogether in a few months, but it’s nice to be able to get a little more wear out of them and the doilies really do make me smile. Have a happy Tuesday, y’all!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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