The Organized Side of DIY

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  February 19, 2013 — 2 Comments

One of the reasons I was not such a big fan of the purple dresser in my laundry room is that the drawers were junky and disorganized. But when I painted it last weekend I took everything out and sorted through what should stay and what should go, and when I put it all back I was amazed at how much more functional it was!

019 (2) (570x380)

The entire left side is devoted to paint. One of the challenges in a house with no garage, basement, or shed is that you have to find creative spots for stuff like this. I was surprised to find that fifteen quarts fit neatly in the bottom drawer. It was packed to the gills with paint before, now I’ve got room for more–and I didn’t throw a single quart away. I just gave them their own drawer.

006 (570x380)

In the next drawer up I have all my smaller pots and jars of paint, craft paints, and spray paints.

017 (570x380)

And brushes, rollers, tape, sandpaper, etc. live in the top drawer. It’s so easy to find what I need now!

031 (570x380)

The top right drawer is a random hodgepodge of stuff, including wire snips, zip ties, a couple of heavy duty glues, furniture pads, etc. The tiles are left over from an old project.

096 (570x371)

And the bottom two drawers on this side are empty! What what!

102 (570x379)

This is what the view actually looks like from the kitchen. Because this is my life right now. The doorway jumper is about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen but it makes my kid smile like a banshee and helps me get dinner on the table so I’m happy.

038 (380x570)

As for all that stuff I pulled out of the dresser drawers, anything that seemed more like to have come from Hobby Lobby than Home Depot got moved to the front room (except for the craft paint). Most of it went into the shoe organizer on the back of the door (seen in this old photo from when I first hung it up).

127 (428x570)

I also stashed some stuff under the sofa. File folders (why do I have so many???) in a cardboard box and glitter, decorative papers, etc. in stacking plastic bins I already had. I’ve only recently discovered the beauty of stashing stuff under the sofa and it’s delightful. I have all kinds of stuff in there. I think from now on I will always shop for sofas with a skirt so that I can use the space underneath for storage.

103 (570x380)

Of course this isn’t my entire DIY arsenal. Bigger/more serious stuff, like gallons of paint, tools, scrap wood, etc. are in the long, skinny closet off the guest room (you know, the one I plan to turn into a library someday if I can ever find a new place to keep all that stuff).

It’s so nice to have such a functional piece of furniture right off the kitchen–I’m looking forward to moving some more kitchen-related items into those bottom drawers as I reorganize my other stash-spots. My 2013 resolution to declutter is coming along nicely, don’t you think?

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Nice work!
    You know, the risk of having more storage space (like a garage or basement) is it just gets full of disorganized stuff anyway. And then you can’t find it when you need it. (Now where did I leave that green paint for the outside of the house? Oh, in the garage, where it’s frozen solid by now!!) I’m trying to organize too…

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