My Birthday Spoils

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 8, 2013 — 8 Comments

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gift suggestions on Friday! I had an absolutely fabulous day, followed by a beautiful (and productive!) weekend. Now it’s time for me to kick into packing mode because tomorrow morning Jack and I are flying out bright and early to visit my Pawpaw in Amarillo, TX. He turns 90 on Wednesday and this will be his first time meeting Jack (his first great-grandchild!) so I am really looking forward to what is sure to be a special visit. I’ll admit, though, that I’m a little nervous about flying solo with a baby. Nick will be dropping us off at the airport in Baton Rouge and my parents will meet us in Amarillo so I’ll have plenty of help with the luggage and car seat, but Jack is more high-maintenance in many ways at nine months than he was the last time we flew. No longer content to just be cuddled and nursed, he requires solid food and constant entertainment lest he start trying to eat the in-flight magazines. Our second flight tomorrow coincides with his usual lunchtime so I’m thinking hard about what to pack to feed him on the plane. But besides getting ready for our trip, I spent the weekend oohing and ahhing over all my wonderful birthday gifts. The first thing to arrive were these pillows from Nick’s mom. They look really good on the office sofa. She got them from here.

160 (570x380)

My friend Cassie gave me this vintage glass vase. She’d seen me eyeing it at an estate sale months ago and went back to get it the next day! I’m still searching for the perfect spot for it. I’m starting to take babyproofing into consideration with my decor so that makes it harder.

151 (456x570)

My parents gave me the Maya Wrap I’ve been coveting ever since I borrowed my friend Anne’s. I’m going to use it in the airport tomorrow! Just imagine me looking like rambo-mommy with the baby on one hip and my bag on the other. If I’m not too frazzled I’ll get Nick to take a picture of it.


(that’s not me, it’s a model. Photo from here.

I used a gift card from my Pawpaw to buy all new pillows for our bed. Such a simple thing that makes such a difference! Our old pillows were dingy and flat. These are so fluffy! I also got two new pillow cases for the perfect pop of coral pink that ties into the fabric on the hope chest. It’s a fun change for spring/summer.

124 (570x380)

And I decided what to get myself from Nick–I love Bare Minerals makeup but the last time I bought it I accidentally got the wrong shade. Normally I would just suffer through looking pale until I’d finished it off, but since it’s a gift I can treat myself to some new powder without feeling guilty for “wasting” money. It’s so funny because he originally intended to get me a gift card to Sephora and I was all like “Nah, I don’t really buy anything there except my foundation.” Um, duh, Charlotte. You can use it to buy new foundation. So in addition to all the packing and preparations for our trip tomorrow I’ll be trying to squeeze in a run to the mall for my new makeup! And don’t worry, I knocked out some cute little projects this weekend as well so the blog won’t be silent. As long as I can get all my photos edited and uploaded today I’ll be blogging from my phone all week! I love that dang iPhone. I hope you all have a happy Monday, and if you have any tips for traveling with an older infant please please please do share!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Try to get Jack more centered on your torso so you have more use of both arms.

  2. I’ve flown a bajillion times with Avery, and I have a couple of recommendations. First, bring 2 or 3 things he’s never seen before. Second, load some movies or TV on that iPhone, and use then as distractions. Third, throw all nutritional rules out the window. Now that he’s eating solids, find something REALLY interesting for him to eat. Something that he hasn’t had before or something he rarely gets. For Avery, it was processed junk food (well, kinda junky). She never eats it, but it was a lifesaver to have on takeoff and landing.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 8, 2013 at 1:25 pm

      Great ideas! I picked up a cool little toy/book at Target yesterday and packed a couple of true favorites for the plane as well. And that’s a really good idea wither the food. Teething crackers are messier than I’d like but he goes gaga for them and they are definitely a special treat, since I’m convinced they’re essentially cookies.

  3. Have a wonderful time on your trip! Take lots of pictures with your pawpaw. Love all your birthday gifts! Sounds like you had a great day/weekend. I’ll take care of your little 4 legged baby…Juliet!

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