Twist My Arm, I’ll Make a Terrarium

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 10, 2013 — 3 Comments

Terrariums have been all over the internet for a while now, but I never really understood the appeal. I think the fact that you could see dirt through the glass bothered me. But when I broke the lid of a two gallon glass jar and racked my brain trying to think of something I could do to repurpose it, the idea of a terrarium started to grow on me. (my first thought was to use it as a cloche over a potted plant, but it didn’t look quite right, so a terrarium it was)

003 (380x570)

I started by lining the bottom with some rocks from my backyard. For some reason there are a ton of rocks under my deck. Usually it’s annoying to me but in this case they came in handy.

008 (380x570)

Then I just popped in a maidenhair fern I picked up for $5 at my neighborhood nursery. It was one of the smallest plants they had, but still too tall, so I gave it a hair cut. Hope it survives.

011 (380x570)

015 (380x570)

My plan was originally to fake the terrarium look by just surrounding the plastic pot with rocks and fake moss (in order to get around the exposed soil I found so distasteful and make it easier to replace the fern when it inevitably dies a slow and painful death under the wrath of my black thumb), but the pot was too tall. So I planted it in some potting soil instead and found I didn’t mind the look so much.

040 (380x570)

And after I added some fake moss, tiny pinecones, and a large, flat rock (all stuff that I already had in my collection of random crap), I was actually kind of loving it.

047 (380x570)

Here’s the view from above. Doesn’t it look like a little forest scene or something? Except if it were really a miniature to scale those would be some frighteningly large pinecones.

053 (570x407)

I’ve been looking for some kind of low-fuss centerpiece for the dining room table and this is perfect. We eat all of our meals here now since it’s where Jack’s high chair is so I get to gaze at my little slice of nature several times a day. I’m seriously just so enchanted by it.

134 (570x380)

Next time I go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s I’m going to look for those little plastic animals and pick out a cute one to live in there. It has to be something that’s ecologically appropriate. Maybe a deer or a fox or some other sort of tiny woodland creature.

So if you count the cost of the jar this project was about $18, but if you didn’t have the rock, potting soil, or the moss it might run you close to $30. But seriously you could just go outside and dig up some stuff. I’m sure I could’ve found moss growing in our local park if I’d been willing to look. Whenever I see pretty things in nature I pick them up and save them to use in decor–that’s how I had the rock and the pinecones. I’m not so good at keeping house plants alive but having other little bits of nature in the house helps it feel…I don’t even know the word for it. I just like having stuff from nature around. It’s nice.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement about our trip yesterday! We flew out of Baton Rouge two hours late but were able to connect in Dallas and get to Amarillo on time! Jack did so great and everyone was super nice and helpful. And I wasn’t even stressed when I found out our luggage and carseat hadn’t made it on the plane with us. The airline is reimbursing me for the clothes and diapers I had to buy and our stuff was delivered to the hotel before Jack’s bedtime last night. All’s well that ends well and I’ve got a new jacket courtesy of American Airlines because it’s cold as you-know-what in the Texas panhandle this week, haha.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Oh! I love the look of it on the table. Very nature-y. : )

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