So Cheap. So Lazy.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  May 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

Those of you who have been reading since the beginning may remember that this is what my living room used to look like.

living 3 (570x428)

I’ve replaced the rug, switched around some of the furniture, and got about 90% through reupholstering those wing chairs (scored for cheap from craigslist right before we moved into this house). One of the chairs was complete, but the other still had some exposed staples and stuffing. No bueno, especially since my friend Cassie will be sitting here to open gifts at her baby shower tomorrow. For my sister’s shower I just decorated the arms with fabric bows to hide the staples. Talk about lipstick on a pig! Since I have more people helping host this shower and a cleaning lady tackling my bathroom as we speak I knew I had no excuse not to do something about this chair.

013 (380x570)

Step number one: dig the arm-cover thingies out of my crap pile and pry the staples out of the back to remove the fabric.

014 (570x380)

016 (380x570)

With the fabric free, I used it as a template to trace onto the new fabric (which is actually canvas dropcloth that I dyed a light gray).

022 (380x570)

Then I just cut along the lines and stapled each piece around the spiky arm-cover contraption.

026 (570x380)


029 (380x570)

These things are supposed to have piping around the edges, and lucky for me I discovered some piping in my crap pile that I’d apparently already made at some point in the past (using this technique).

030 (570x379)

Because I am in the running to win seamstress of the year, I attached the piping with HOT GLUE. Oh yes I did.

034 (380x570)

And because those little spikes never line up properly with the holes they were originally stuck into, I hammered them flat and attached my little cover thingies to the chair with, you guessed it, hot glue again. High quality upholstery work happening over here.

003 (2) (570x380)

I cleaned up the fabric around the back with some staples so that the stuffing is no longer poking out and called it a day. I’ll be honest, this is not my best work. The new pieces don’t lay flat and the fabric has not faded the same way as the stuff that’s been on the chair for over a year and I guess I might as well go ahead and admit that the back of that chair is completely open–exposed springs and all. It’s in a corner so nobody will see it and I am COMPLETELY OVER these chairs. I spent all this time and effort reupholstering them and now I want to replace them! Yeah, not gonna happen anytime soon. Crappy or not, I’m happy to finally have these chairs crossed off my to-do list.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I’ve really been enjoying skimming through it — but I have to say, this post is completely awesome. And I’m not being facetious, it totally made my day. I appreciate how positive you are in general, but every once in a while, a project just totally sucks and I love that you didn’t hide it at all. :)

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