A Whole New World

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  May 15, 2013 — 1 Comment

I’ve been halfheartedly keeping my eye out for a globe to put in the playroom slash office. I thought it would look really good right there by the TV, but my hopes weren’t high that I would find one that looked nice and wasn’t vastly overpriced. Imagine my joy when my friend Brandi sent me a picture of one she was looking at in MY favorite thrift store. And it was only $8! I sent her money via Paypal right then and there to buy it for me. I love the brassy base and perfect colors.

416 (380x570)

Do you remember this post about putting a plant near the TV to hide the wires? Yeah, this is what happened to it. I blame Pistachio and my lax watering habits.

398 (570x380)

I picked up a new plant for $10 and I’m going to try hard not to kill it because I really like this one. I sprayed it with some of that stuff that deters cats and had a friend who is good at gardening advise me on watering. So far so good!

424 (570x380)

Can you believe how far this space has come since we got the expedit cube console last fall? You should’ve seen it before then! It was really junky. I actually really like it now.

As Jack gets older I can rearrange the contents of the chalkboard boxes to be toys, books, musical instruments, and costumes, and even rotate out the toys as needed to keep things interesting. I’m planning to eventually refinish the small pedestal table to the right and let him use it as a play table. I’m really excited about having a space that is both functional and stimulating for him to play in and easy on the eyes. I’m really interested in the Waldorf school of thought that children’s spaces and toys should be beautiful to behold, because kids can appreciate beauty too. The globe is a perfect example–when he gets older he can learn about geography in a tactile way by touching and spinning the globe, and in the meantime it’s a really pretty addition to the room. Everyone’s happy!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Love the globe! Miss seeing animal and Jack sightings in your pictures!

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