Easiest Garden Markers Ever

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  June 11, 2013 — 10 Comments

Are y’all ready for this? I’ve got a really complex, Earth-shattering DIY to share today. Hold onto your hats.

First, I found some rocks. Then, I wrote on them. With a sharpie. To put in my garden.

046 (570x381)

This “project” literally took five minutes from start to finish with a baby in my lap. And I didn’t even get any marker on the baby.

033 (380x570)

036 (570x380)

042 (381x570)

053 (570x380)

I just put them in the herb garden for now, since the veggie garden is so overrun with grass that the rocks would be lost, but this fall when I move the veggies over to a new bed near the herbs I’ll whip up some fancy rocks for them too. Not because I really need a marker to tell tomatoes and cucumbers apart, but because it’s fun. And sometimes I do forget what I planted.

Speaking of forgetting, I almost forgot to post today! I uploaded all the pictures yesterday and was at work for an hour this morning before I remembered I never finished it! Good thing work is pretty slow for me before I start running therapy groups at 10:00. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


10 responses to Easiest Garden Markers Ever

  1. Nice. I really like Jack’s guest appearance.

  2. These are adorable!

  3. BIG rocks telling which variety of tomato, cucumber, etc.!!!!! You’re a genius!!!!!

  4. OK – that is simply the most amazing, wonderful, creative, exciting DIY/crafty activity I’ve seen lately. You should get the Nobel Craft Prize (that exists, right?!).

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