Friday Funday

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 6, 2013 — 4 Comments

Happy Friday, party people! Did y’all watch The Sound of Music last night? I have fond memories of watching the original as a child and was delighted by the live version. By the looks of Facebook not everyone was impressed, but I dug it. Fun fact: Nick’s cousin Bryce helped create the costumes! He fancy. I totally had tea with jam and bread for breakfast this morning (and by jam I mean applesauce). If I knew what schnitzel was I’d be eating it with noodles for lunch!

Related: did you see this clip from Jimmy Fallon? Can you tell that I enjoy a good song and dance? Jack is really into music so even though I prefer peace and quiet we are singing pretty much all day around here. If I need to get some work done with him around he is 95% more likely to play independently if I turn on some music.

We’ve had some family stuff going on this week and I am looking forward to having some down time to process it all this weekend. I’ll tell you more about it soon, but rest assured that we are good.

it won't be easy

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to Friday Funday

  1. Can’t believe that I missed the sound of Music. I planned on watching it, but had company and I forgot. I love music and love to sing. People don’t really want to hear me sing so most of my singing is with kids etc. Lol. I love the clip, and love music of many genres.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap December 8, 2013 at 7:39 am

      Haha that’s about how well I sing too! Maybe you can catch The Sound of Music as a rerun sometime.

  2. we didn’t watch it because Eva was prepping for SAT’s. But the old one was her favorite favorite favorite and we will watch the new one soon.
    But I just wanted to tell you that because of your blog you are SO MUCH a household name around here, which is absolutely not the case wtih most 2nd cousins in law(or whatever we are….) I asked Eva what she had heard about the new Sound of Music and she listed off a few people’s opinions, including yours… Have a great weekend. Margaret

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap December 8, 2013 at 7:40 am

      Haha! You and Eva are so sweet! I hope we’ll still find an excuse to come visit up there again now that Aunt Kathy’s moved!

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