Wrapping Week 2013: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 17, 2013 — 7 Comments

I am kind of into wrapping gifts. I like to keep it simple, mostly just using brown paper and various embellishments that can be found around the house. And in the spirit of keeping my holidays simple, instead of craft projects or whatever else I usually write about I’ll be sharing a different idea for brown paper packages every weekday from now until Christmas Eve (wrapping gifts + blog content = two birds with one stone). A couple things:

  • I buy my paper from Home Depot–a huge roll is only $10 in the paint aisle. You can also buy it in smaller, more expensive quantities at craft stores or with the shipping materials in grocery or drug stores or you could even cut up paper grocery bags if you’re a total Martha.
  • This year I’m using free printable gift tags from here on all my packaging. I just printed them out on cardstock, cut them out, and punched a hole in each. Voila!
  • And one more tip: this particular type of brown paper does well with tape as long as I run my nail across it to create a good seal, but if tape just won’t stick to your paper try using hot glue instead.

So first up is my gift for Nick. Brown paper and simple cotton string is my go-to move. I just threaded a reindeer gift tag onto the string for a simple, masculine feel that’s easy as pie. You could say that this is one of my favorite things.

brown paper packages tied up with string

I can’t wait to show y’all what other easy ideas I have for wrapping gifts in brown paper. It’s really so versatile and somehow the small measure of wrapping all my gifts in one type of paper just makes things so much simpler. Are you noticing a theme here? I am all about simplicity during this hurried and overstimulating season! Somebody get me some peace and quiet, stat.

PS: Click here to read all my old posts about gift wrap for more ideas

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


7 responses to Wrapping Week 2013: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

  1. Ha! I was just telling a friend to use packing paper. Really fun to let older kids decorate or use hand prints of little ones. I bought actual wrapping paper for the first time two years ago only to disguise my gifts!

  2. Love it and the labels!! This is my usual go-to wrapping paper, BUT I had not thought of using home depots big roll. So smart! Also, this year I’m getting Judah to paint on it and wrap our gifts in his “artwork” but apparently that’s not an original idea either! I also haven’t wrapped one thing yet. ugh.

  3. Brown paper grocery bags were always used for book covers in my house growing up. Sure, my brothers and I were a little jealous of the Power Rangers and Lisa Frank book covers all our friends had, but we were able to customize ours however we wanted so by the end of the year, ours were always the best.
    PS: The link to past giftwrapping ideas just reroutes to today’s post.

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