2013 Year in Review

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  December 31, 2013 — 4 Comments

Happy New Years Eve, my friends! I’ve got big plans to sit on the couch with a glass of wine before retiring well before midnight tonight, but today I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at what we did this year (accompanied by my favorite instagram photo from each month). Without further adieu:

2013-01-29 18.44.02 (570x570)


looked back at 2012 / DIY’d cute invites for my sister’s wedding showerreorganized our tiny master bath / painted the laundry room white

2013-02-17 13.41.13 (570x570)


got punked by the city sewer department / got a cushy new rug for the office/playroom / revamped a thrifted desk into a storage-packed dressing table / watched my lovely sister get married to a great guy

2013-03-21 11.21.25 (570x570)


turned the ugliest corner in our house into the cutest with a wood counter and a fabric skirt / made yarn-block cafe curtains for the kitchen / knocked out the door to our front porch (should’ve done that sooner!) / confessed that I’m far from perfect

2013-04-21 15.30.19 (570x570)


put our pet food into pretty jars / planted a veggie garden / celebrated three years in our house / dished about our unconventional approach to baby food / traveled to Amarillo and Austin, TX / made a new compost bin for only $9 / mounted bamboo shades in the laundry room / hung a swing for Jack in the front yard

2013-05-13 13.00.23 (570x570)


moved some plants into my front yard flower bed (they’ve done surprisingly well!) / restored some rusty outdoor furniture with spray paint / hosted a baby shower for my friend Cassie / added some meaningful items to Jack’s nursery / planted some succulents (still alive!) / spruced up our laundry room shelves with fake “art” and diaper boxes painted to look pretty / updated our house tour page / petted a baby goatplanted an herb garden / gushed about my vacuum cleaner

2013-06-28 16.40.25-2 (570x570)


shared what a day in my life looks like / wrote on some sticks / talked about how I obsess over the colors of our clothes / created a tea towel decorated with a recipe written in my late grandmother’s handwriting / showed how I hide our modem and router / took our first ever family photos / celebrated four years of marriage / tried my hand at macrame / celebrated Jack’s first birthday

2013-07-25 10.33.44-2 (570x570)


we made a road trip to Atlanta / we said hello to one pawpaw as he moved back to Louisiana after eight years away and goodbye to my other pawpaw when he passed away after a brief illness / I painted our front door navy

2013-08-19 17.00.01 HDR (570x570)


I painted an old nightstand to be a play table for Jack (and talked a bit about how I’ve learned to accept criticism in that post) / reorganized the pantry / became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker / took Jack to the beach for the first time / replaced the old sofa in our dining room with a sewing table and two chairs / shared photos of a friend’s home that’s fun and super kid-friendly

2013-09-29 13.08.33 (570x570)


shared a glimpse behind the scenes of blogging /  added another old chair to my collection / turned some tacky thrift store art into an antiqued mirror / shared my ideas for creative babyproofing / opened up about my struggled with weight loss / began working on a frame wall in the dining room

2013-10-20 20.25.33 HDR (570x570)


whipped up some DIY closet dividers for Jack’s room / made Jack an adorable shark costume for Halloween / used inexpensive shelves to create some Montessori-style toy storage / bought my first pair of glasses in probably ten years / shared some of my tips for shopping estate sales / became a contributor to the brand-new Red Stick Moms Blog with my very first post about Louisiana themed children’s books / shared ten things you may not have known about me

2013-11-13 13.13.41-2 (570x570)


figured out that I could repair scratches in my wood floor with olive oil / taught myself embroidery / made some adorable notecards for my shop / created an awesome wood and copper nightstand with the help of a friend who knows how to weld / shared about my experience with pain during pregnancy on Red Stick Moms Blogcreated some cool chalkboard clipboards / shared about how I rotate toys to preserve my sanity / made several little things to sell out of mother of pearl buttons / made a wreath out of rolled paper flowers

2013-12-21 09.39.57-2 (570x570)


got a bunch of fun items listed in my shop just in time for the holiday season / finally finished the frame wall in my dining room / got our Christmas tree and made a moravian star topper and finger-knit garland to decorate it / shared about my favorite toys for babies and toddlers / posted about embracing simplicity during the holidays on Red Stick Moms BlogDIY’d our holiday photo and card / shared about Jack’s delay in learning to walk

2013 has been good to us. I’ll be taking tomorrow off to spend some time with my guys, but I’ll be back Thursday to share my plans and goals for the new year–I’ve got some good ones!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to 2013 Year in Review

  1. Happy New Year’s Eve to you too! I found your blog this past spring and have thoroughly enjoyed it since. Looking forward to what you have to say in 2014.

  2. My heart swells! Happy New Year’s friend – super excited to see 2014 unfold with the Tryforos krewe.

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