Let Him Sleep

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  January 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

I didn’t register for a video monitor when I was pregnant with Jack. I don’t know why I thought it was completely unnecessary, but the older he’s gotten the more I wished I had one! If I hear him fussing I want to be able to see whether he’s still sleepy and laying down or if he’s really ready to get up without really waking him up by going in there. And Nick and I are often tempted to check on him one last time before we go to bed, so we sneak in and peer at him and silently gesture to each other dramatically about how cute he is and then he wakes up and sees us and starts screaming. So that’s something I thought we could work on. Luckily, we got one for Christmas (thanks mom!). It’s this one which has keyholes on the back to attach it to the wall, but that put it at kind of an awkward angle for viewing the crib so I picked up a small shelf at Target. I don’t see it online but it was only $10 in the store. I also picked up a frame for $15, since I knew where I wanted to hang the shelf it would look better if I added something else underneath it. So here’s that side of Jack’s room before:

056 (570x362)

And here it is now! I printed out the “let him sleep” art from here. The small chalkboard I purchased forever ago from here and painted the frame with black craft paint.

020 (570x380)

025 (570x369)

Part of the reason I got the big frame was to run the monitor cord behind it to hopefully be less conspicuous. I don’t think my plan was all that successful but it does do the trick of making it less accessible to Jack while he’s in his crib. I could do something really fun like wrap it in twine and weave it playfully between the other items on the wall (inspired by this post on another blog) so that’s something to think about. Poor Jack has come down with his first ever stomach bug this week so we’ve been in survival mode. I feel like this is some sort of parenting rite of passage and am taking it in stride but it’s particularly unfortunate that this happened while we are without a functioning washing machine. Ours broke around New Year’s and we’ve been taking our time finding a good deal on a new one, relying upon the generosity of friends to get us through in the meantime!

Real life picture before I tidied up: books and toys all over the floor, towel in the crib in case he pukes again, etc.

014 (570x380)

Notice that the green flannel blanket I made him is missing–it’s in the laundry pile. Do any of you have a genius tip for securing cords near a crib? I’m a little concerned that he’ll be able to grab it through the slats when his arms get just a little bit longer. So far my best idea is to install one of these cord shorteners to take up the slack, but based on the reviews I’m not sure it would fit the oversized plug.

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