Nine Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  January 24, 2014 — 2 Comments

Thank y’all so much for your kind and supportive comments on yesterday’s post. You are seriously the best. Now back to decorating. As I slowly but surely work on improving our kitchen the ideas for easy upgrades just keep coming. Some of them I’ve already implemented, some are on the to do list, and some are not right for me but may be perfect for you. So if you’ve got a kitchen that is just not quite where you want it to be either functionally or aesthetically read on for a few ideas to improve it.

Nine Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

1. Hang your pots. Whether you spring for an official pot rack or DIY your own (my mind was totally blown by this Ikea-hacked version), there has got to be a better way to store pots and pans than stacked haphazardly in a cabinet. If you’re fancy you could even install pull-out shelves in your cabinets.

2. Install a USB wall outlet. If you’ve got iPhones, Kindles, or other USB-charging devices this could be a total lifechanger. It’s only $25 and I feel like this is one of those little things that would impress homebuyers if you’ve got resale in mind.

usb wall outlet


3. Organize your fridge and freezer. Our freezer is on the bottom and has two deep drawers that are in desperate need of organization. I plan on taming it with plastic bins after my next trip to the dollar store.

4. New hardware. If your existing pulls have two holes instead of one be sure to measure the distance and buy hardware that will match, making the switch a breeze. You can even do this as a renter if you save the old hardware to replace when you move out!

5. Add a table lamp. No electrician necessary for this added task lighting and it lends a cozy vibe.

put a table lamp on the kitchen counter

Luca Trovato / House Beautiful

6. Change out the window treatments. Adding new matchstick blinds, a cafe curtain, or even just ditching whatever’s up there currently to let the light shine in can make a huge difference.

7. Pot some plants. Herbs are the obvious choice, but if you find them as difficult to keep alive indoors as I do give aloe a try. It thrives on neglect and you can rip open a piece to soothe a burn.

8. Put up shelves. I have been itching to do this for years and can’t wait! Wall-mounted shelves offer increased storage and display space for very little cost and effort.

9. Install a simple backsplash. Beadboard panels or sheet metal are easier to work with than tile and if you’re a renter you can even install them temporarily.

029 (570x380)

I’m a firm believer in loving the place where you live! You don’t have to save up for a big remodel or move to have a place that feels like home.

I hope y’all each have a fabulous weekend and thanks as always for reading!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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  1. Strangely drawn to the picture with the table lamp. Funny I never even considered putting a lamp in the kitchen but I really like it.

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