Resolution: No New Clothes

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  April 9, 2014 — 9 Comments

I saw something on TV the other day about how some celebrity I’d never heard of is doing her part to save the world by only buying clothes secondhand. I can do that, I thought. I buy most of my clothes at the thrift store already anyway.

Resolution No New Clothes

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If you’ve spent much time in thrift stores (or sorting through donations for nonprofits or following a disaster), you know that our society is absolutely overrun with clothes. It’s a burden. And at my local Goodwill I regularly walk out with Banana Republic, J. Crew, Calvin Klein, and the less fancy but still adorable Loft, Target, Gap, and Old Navy items for $3 a pop. It’s kind of jarring when you think about it that clothes are mass-produced, worn for a short time, then sent to languish on thrift store racks while they are still in good condition. It’s the definition of excess. Thanks to Macklemore thrifting is becoming more popular but it’s still kind of stigmatized and there are still more clothes than we could ever need getting donated to thrift stores every day (as evidenced by the fact that bales of them are shipped overseas). So my resolution for this year of my life is to not buy any more brand new clothes. I can still shop thrift stores and even hit up eBay or consignment shops, but I’ll stick strictly to secondhand until my next birthday. If this goes well maybe I’ll try doing it for Jack next year! Nick is more difficult to shop for because he needs everything in a tall size, but he hates spending money on clothes and hardly ever buys new stuff anyway. I’m still debating about whether shoes count. They definitely wear out more quickly and there are not nearly as many in thrift stores, so I may give myself permission to pick up a new pair now and then. But since Nick got me these** for my birthday I should be good for a while!

**Amazon affiliate link. If you click that link and then subsequently make a purchase I will receive a small portion of the proceeds at no additional cost to you.

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


9 responses to Resolution: No New Clothes

  1. I think that is a great goal! I don’t know that I could do it though. Well I guess I should say, I don’t want to. And I think I need to go shopping with you because I’m not that good at finding stuff!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 11, 2014 at 6:51 am

      Haha, it’s definitely not for everybody! I like to spend my money on stuff for the house but some people like clothes better, and that’s okay.

  2. That’s a great resolution! I did this a few years ago, as part of a general “buy nothing new for myself except toiletries etc” year and it was a grand success. Full disclosure, I did bend the rules when i was in Italy during Spring and it was far more freezing than I expected, but otherwise it worked really well. It kicked my shop-a-holism for good! (well, aside from etsy surfing…)

  3. Do you go to the Goodwill on College? There’s also a new consignment shop near the Perkins Overpass that looks a little higher-end, but I haven’t been inside yet.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap April 11, 2014 at 6:54 am

      I do!!! That’s the best one for clothes! I’ve heard that the newer one on Burbank near Gardere is good too.

      • I’m definitely going to have to check it out! I live in Southdowns but have never been inside the Goodwill. Probably bc I avoid College traffic like the plaque, but I’ll use the back routes. Oh, and I checked out the consignment shop’s facebook page. Um, definitely high-end and definitely still more expensive than retail items I may buy at full-price! LOL.

  4. Bridget from Cali May 2, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    That is a great resolution. You can find a lot of quality clothes for sale at second-hand shops. I would rather buy new shoes, but that is just a personal preference. Besides, I usually keep ‘em until they croak. You can always go to the library to pour over fashion magazines to see how you can update your wardrobe. (I like looking at magazines, but don’t need the stress of managing subscriptions or dealing with the extra clutter.) They also have several super shows on the Live Well Network that discuss trends and share affordable tips that you can easily incorporate. I’m thrilled that fashion and decor is becoming more accessible to ordinary folks who live on a strict budget. Our waste in this country is pretty ridiculous. We have far too much reusable stuff going to landfills. All it takes is a little tweaking to reinvent something. Shop on!

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