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There’s something about five months that just feels so old. Like I’ve got a regulation sized baby on my hands these days instead of a tiny little bundle to blame my sleepless nights on.

The nights are actually harder now than they were before. The last month has been rough as Jack works some things out developmentally. There’s a lot going on both in his brain and in his body as he works on his first big physical milestone–rolling over. We haven’t slept this poorly since we were in the hospital.

So while mama works on not clawing her eyes out, this guy is trying with all his might to master the complicated maneuvering necessary to flip his little body from supine to prone. It’s harder than it looks.

And everything goes in the mouth for a thorough investigation. Can you see the cross-eyed determination?

I haven’t worked in several weeks and let me just tell you, this girl needs a break from full-time mamahood. It’s not all snuggles and sunshine. Luckily Nick has noticed the increasingly crazy look in my eye and took some time off next week so I can lock myself in a room and pretend like there’s not a baby in the house. Or, OMG, actually leave the house by myself. I’m fantasizing already about where I might go. Do you think there are any bars open on weekday mornings? Just kidding. Mostly.

Lucky for me he’s so adorable and sweet. It helps me get through the hard times. He’s even started to laugh lately. Not the happy-sounding coo that I thought of as laughter before. This is a straight up GIGGLE, and it appears to be reserved only for Daddy (who, to be fair, is far superior in the silly singing and dancing department).

Despite the sense that I’m becoming increasingly incompetent in the getting-your-baby-to-sleep department, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because I have finally mastered cloth diapering. I’m planning a post about it soon. Cloth diapering and breastfeeding put together have saved us hundreds of dollars so far, making it possible for me to be exhausted in the comfort of my own home instead of deliriously regaling my clients with tales of sleepless nights.

I’m just dropping in with a quick post today to share some of the ridiculous cuteness that was Jack’s first Halloween. I am so not in a place in my life to be DIYing a costume, so I picked this one up for $5 off my facebook moms’ swap group.

I totally thought he would reject the hat. He did protest a bit at first, but then suddenly people were singing and dancing and snapping pictures of him and all was right with the world. Unless it fell down over his eyes–he doesn’t understand object permanence yet so if the hat goes over his eyes it’s like the whole world just disappeared! You can see why that might be terrifying.

Nick and I usually spend Halloween on our front porch handing out candy and surreptitiously drinking beers, but since we have a kid now we felt like we should be doing something a little more exciting. We decided to not be those people bringing their infant door-to-door to collect candy and head to our friends Cassie and Nic’s house instead. Bonus: Cassie has a better phone than me so I got a not-grainy picture of my babe in costume.

Of course, he’s used to a pretty early bedtime so he spent most of the night like this. So much for tigers being nocturnal.

The downside to not hosting trick or treaters at my house: there’s no leftover candy today! I should probably be grateful for that, considering I’d love to lose about twenty pounds. But I just feel like I really need some chocolate right now, haha.

It was exactly one year ago today that Nick and I found out we were expecting. And today also marks four months that that little embryo has been living outside my body. Crazypants.

Words cannot express how anxious I am to replace my broken camera so I can snap some pictures that do this little guy justice.

I continue to excel at motherhood. LOL. Just kidding. Nobody’s perfect. Some things are easier than I’d expected, some things are harder, and some are just…different. But overall things are coming along swimmingly. Jack’s newest interests are grasping toys, playing peek-a-boo, and getting kisses. And my newest obsession is BABYLEGS! I got a pair as a free gift when I bought a bunch of cloth diapers before Jack was born and I honestly was not really that into them. I thought they were a little girly and kind of gimmicky. But I put them on him recently just to see and OMG I thought they were adorable. Then I changed his diaper and realized that as long as he is wearing babylegs he is not wearing pants that I have to take on and off every time I change him–so convenient! So now I’m sold on babylegs. Downside: he only has one pair. Guess what he’ll be getting more of as soon as I can bring myself to spend twelve dollars? That might be longer than you’d think. I am super cheap these days, haha.

I seem to have entered a new frontier of thriftiness. I’ve cut out the middle man (the thrift store) and have now gone directly to trading stuff I don’t want for stuff other people don’t want. Genius, no? I have my friend Charlene to thank. She invited me to a local facebook group full of mamas swapping and selling their junk. I’m glad I got in when I did, because the group has gotten really popular, really fast, and the group administrators have capped it at 1,000 members. So far I’ve made about $100 selling baby stuff I couldn’t return to stores–mostly gifts we received duplicates of and clothes Jack outgrew (I’m saving my favorites for future babies, but anything I feel “eh” about goes up for sale). And I’ve bought some stuff, too, like a brand new pair of jeans for me for only $8. When we were visiting Houston last weekend my friend Sarah produced a yoga mat for Jack to hang out on when he wasn’t being cuddled or sleeping in his pack ‘n play and by the time we came back I was convinced that a yoga mat is an essential piece of baby gear. I posted in the facebook group that I was looking for one and got it for free by trading a baby book that I’d already listed for sale. Can’t beat that deal with a stick!

Part of this sudden surge in thriftiness is due to the fact that I’m in a bit of a pickle with my camera situation. Perhaps you’ve noticed a general vibe of crappiness to most of the pictures posted on my blog lately? That’s because I have two point and shoot cameras and both of them are broken. Can you believe it? What a bummer. I’ve been using my phone to take pictures, which leaves quite a bit to be desired. I’ve finally decided that instead of throwing more money at another point and shoot that will only make me moderately happy I’m going to save up for a DSLR. So all the money I’m making selling baby stuff is going into a jar and all of my shop proceeds are staying in my Paypal account until I can save up $500, which is about the cost of a basic entry-level DSLR. It’s a big leap for me but I’m hoping it will really improve the quality of the pictures here and in my shop, plus save us money on having family portraits professionally taken.

So that’s where I get my thrills these days! Selling unused baby gear and saving my money in a jar. Haha. I’ve never saved up for a big purchase all by myself before. When I was younger I would’ve just used a credit card and in recent years its always been a joint effort between Nick and me. But since Nick could care less about what kind of camera we use I’m on my own here. It’s kind of fun, actually. Hopefully I’ll have enough saved up by Thanksgiving so I can maybe take advantage of Black Friday sales!